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Temperance Hill Community, Marion County, South Carolina

Contributed by Brenda Russell Leonard and Marilyn Russell Adams, 2 Sep 2001.

A full survey taken August 2001.

                             Powers Cemetery - Temperance Hill, SC

Located on S34-37, the road beside Old Ebenezer Southern Methodist Church, 
1/10 mile from the intersection of  S34-22 (Dudley Road) 
& S34-37 (Carroll Road). The cemetery is located on the right side of the 
road in a field. There is a path into the field by an old barn. It is 
almost impossible to see from the road.

Stones listed from road side to field, left to right. 

1st row:

Double stone
Ford              His wife
Leroy Ford	Ora Stewart
May 25, 1892	Aug 15, 1892 
May 7, 1964	July 18, 1945

George W Stewart
Born May 14, 1855
Died Mar 25, 1914

Martha Rogers
Wife of G W Stewart
Nov 9, 1866
Sept 27, 1931

1889 - 1890

Infant son of 
G W  & M A Stewart
Died March 1883
Aged 9 days

Infant son of 
T M & S E Powers
Born April 28, 1916
Died April 29, 1916
Gone to be an Angel

George F Powers
Aug 16, 1906
April 20, 1962

Double stone
Sallie Stewart	Thomas Mitchell
Oct 2, 1886	Oct 8, 1879
Aug 16, 1965	Mar 17, 1966

2nd row:

Infant Dau of
Mr & Mrs S T Rogers
July 12, 1904 
Sept 7, 1904

Dau of Mr & Mrs S T Rogers
Sept 29, 1896
June 26, 1898

Double stone
Sue Braswell	Samuel T (Taylor)
June 26, 1872	Apr 18, 1869
Dec 10, 1915	Feb 13, 1950
(1st wife)

3rd row:

Mother                  Back of stone
In Loving memory of     Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall
Lou Rogers Rogers       see God.   Matt 5:8
1861 - 1924

Double stone
Francis E               E D Rogers (Ebenezer)
Wife of E D Rogers      Born Oct, 1836
Born Nov 7, 1840        Died Dec 27, 1914
Died Sept 27, 1916      He died as he lived, a Christian.
In thee, O Lord, have I put my trust.

Double stone
Sumantha                Charles Taylor
Wife of Charles Taylor  Born Apr 25, 1805
Born June 23, 1808      Died June 23, 1890
Died Aug 6, 1893        He is not dead, but sleepeth.
A tender mother & faithful friend.

Infant son of
M C & M F Lane
Born Jan 5, 1893
Died Jan 18, 1895
With Jesus.

Infant son of
M C & M F Lane
Born & Died Mar 28, 1894
Gone so soon.

4th row:

Melinda Denise Strickland         Back of stone:
Mar 1, 1976                       In loving memory of Melinda Denise Strickland
Jan 26, 1993                      Daughter of Linda M Strickland	
As roses grow and petals fall; but not this rose!	
She bloomed for us all!	

Eric Zachery Ellington
July 4, 1959
Oct, 28, 1982

Pascil                            Back of stone:
Son of T O & R Johnson            God gave, He took, He will restore, 
Aug 3, 1921                       He doeth all things well.
Aug 18, 1921

Azille                            Back of stone:
Dau of T O & R Johnson            She was too good, too gentle and fair,
Dec 9, 1916                       To dwell in this cold world of care.
Dec 30, 1923

Sonya Michell Bass
Daughter of 
Frankie F Marlowe Bass
Jan 21, 1975
Dec 17, 1975
Gone to an Angel.

Vilo Johnson
Apr 24, 1923
Oct 26, 1924

Mitchell Dean 
Son of Betty & Robert Northcutt
Mar 29 - 31, 1972

Funeral home marker:

Funeral home marker:

Funeral home marker:
Mary Mitchell Watts
1909 - 1981

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