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Survey contributed by Jo Church Dickerson and Buddy Harrelson, 8 Feb 2002

SMITH Family Cemetery

Location: Near Center Methodist Church, Marion County.

Directions: At Center Church, drive past the church cemetery on the right hand side of the field. Follow tracks two tenths of a mile north to little clearing with cemetery. No tombstones or markers are here. Cemetery has been fenced off with cyclone fencing, two sides of which have been removed recently. There is a modern memorial stone:

James D. Smith
Born 1798 - died 1875
And loved ones who lie
here in unmarked graves.
Erected 1976

History: Appears to be located on lands that once belonged to James Smith's father, Rev. Moses Smith. This cemetery (as well as Center Church) seems to be on or near the 100 acres purchased by Moses Smith from the Joshua Barfield land grant of 1789. The Smith family had other large tracts in this area, as well.

Surveyed 31 January 2002 by Edward Timothy (Buddy) Harrelson, Jr. and Jo Church Dickerson.

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