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Mullins First Baptist Church
Marion County, SC

Organized c. 1880


Mullins First Baptist Church
Charter Members, March 7th, 1880

Male Members

G. W. Reaves		
Owen Rogers
W. H. Daniel
J. W. McMillan
N. A. McMillan
M. L. Mcmillan
James Floyd
P. E. Rogers
A. E. Rogers
J. P. Coleman		Dismissed Jan 2, 1882 (Darlington)
Rufus Rogers		Dismissed  Nov 2, 1891 (Marion)
S. H. Fowler
George F. Floyd		Dismissed Aug 1, 1891 (Latta
M. W. Fowler
J. R. Reaves
J. O. Daniel
O. S. Davis		Dismissed Apr 1885
A. B. Rogers
Barny Rogers
A. Fowler			Dismissed  Mar 1882, Restored Jul 1891
Edw.D. Brown		Dismissed  Feb 4, 1888 (Darlington)
S. U. Davis		Dismissed  Feb 4,  1889 (Friendship)
Joel H. Rogers		Dismissed  Jan 1882

Female Charter Members (Mar 7, 1880)

M. A. McMillan
E. S. McMillan		Dismissed Jul 2, 1887 (Darlington)
Beta Coleman		Dismissed Feb 1883
A. B. Deaver
E. A. Fowler
Emma Reaves
S. A. Rogers
M. R. Gasque
M. A. Ayers		Dismissed Aug 6, 1887 (Nichols)
S. F. Reaves
Florence Rogers
M. A. O. McMillan
Virginia Turner
Orrie Rogers		Dismissed Aug 11, 1895 (Pelzer)
Mary Daniel		
Elizabeth Brown		Dismissed Feb 4, 1888 (Darlington)
Martha V. Brown		Dismissed Jul 5, 1885

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