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Reedy Creek Baptist Church
Established c. 1840

Contributed by William Snipes, November 1997


One hundred and thirty seven years ago, Rev. J. D. COLEMAN rallied around him a few loyal and faithful Christians and organized what has been known since that time as Reedy Creek Baptist Church.

Records at hand do not give us the exact date of the erection of the first "meeting house" which was built of logs. However, the present building is standing near the spot where the original building stood, and received its name from the small stream flowing near the church.

Little is known of the young church during the first ten years of its existence. However, the minutes of the Welsh Neck Association, dating back to the middle of the 19th century give the year 1840 as the date of the organization of the church. It seems, due to the fact that there was no Association in the state at that time nearer than the Charleston Association, that the church waited until the organization of the Welsh Neck Association in 1849 to apply for membership. The church was admitted into that Association when it met at Bennettsville, November, 9, 1850.

Rev. J. D. COLEMAN, Mr. J. W. ATKINSON, and Mr. M. OWENS went as delegates to the Association, and reported a total membership of 53, of which 51 were white and two were black. The church also reported twenty-eight additions, of which 24 were by baptismal and 4 were by letter. (This is supposed to be the number of additions since the organization of the church.) Preaching services were being held at that time on the fourth Sunday in each month.

Rev. R. JACKSON became pastor in 1855 and served the church for about a year. There were at that time eighty-one members, 73 whites and eight blacks. In 1856 Rev. J. D. COLEMAN became pastor again and served the church for about ten years. In 1866 Rev. C. B. EAGERTON became pastor of the church but it seems that his pastorate was for only a few months as Rev. A. R. PITMAN was called the same year and served the church until 1869. He was followed by Rev. J. M. LANE who served the church for one year. It is assumed that in the early years of its existence, the church did not maintain a Sunday School, since there is no reference in the reports. However, it seems that with the coming of Rev. A. M. NODLES as pastor in 1871 that a Sunday School was organized and reported an enrollment of sixty-two pupils.

Rev. NODLES served the church for about two years when Rev. E. EAGERTON was called. Rev. Eagerton served the church for only one year and the Rev. Thomas P. LIDE was called who served a period of twelve years, from 1876 to 1888.

Following the pastorate of Rev. Lide, Rev. K. BARNES was called who served for three years, and he was followed in 1893 by Rev. W. T. TATE. Rev. Tate's pastorate was a short one - only one year - and he was followed by Rev. W. A. HUMPHRIES. Rev. Humphries served the church for four years and was followed by Rev. A. T. ROGERS in 1900 who served for two years. Rev. Rogers contributed greatly to the progress of the church and upon his resignation, he recommended to the church Rev. C. W. HOOD, a seminary class mate, whom the church called as pastor.

Rev. Hood served the church upon three different occasions. He began his first pastorate here in the year 1903 and served for three years. During that pastorate a new church building was erected in 1904. It was also during this time that the W.M.S. was organized in 1903. Mrs. C.W. HOOD was the first president. Mrs. Hood became an active W.M.U. worker in the Association, assisting in the organization of societies of Gapway and Little Bethel churches and promoting the organization of Y.W.A.'s, Sunbeam Bands, and R. A. Chapters in some of these churches.

Rev. Hood was followed in 1907 by Rev. J. A. MASON who served for two years, at the close of which Rev. A. T. ROGERS was called to serve the church for the second time. Rev. Rogers served for only about a year this time and was followed by Rev. J. M. CULBERTSON who also served for one year. Rev. Hood returned to the church as pastor for the second time in the 1914 and served for four years. He was followed in 1919 by Rev. W. L. BRITT who served for one year, and then in 1920 Rev. G. C. HEDGEPATH was called. During his pastorate the church went forward in every phase of its work and came to be recognized as one of the leading rural churches of the state.


The Reedy Creek Baptist Church met in conference Nov 14, 1894 Called the roll, and read minutes of last meeting. Received the report of com(mittee) to see Brother Lewis, and discharged them. Our beloved Brother Tate tendered his resignation, as pastor of the church, which was accepted. The deacons were appointed as a com. to look out a pastor. Took up business of the Union meeting and sent as delegates, J. G. Coleman, D. R. Dozier, J. W. Smith, J. O. Smith, and Joe Collins. Adjourned Rev. W. T. Tate, Mod H. G. White, clerk

The Reedy Creek Baptist church met in conference Feby 23, 1895. Called the roll, and read the minutes of the last meeting. Took up unfinished business, and heard report of com. to see bro. Joe Collins, and continued the case with the same com.. Heard report of com. to see bro. D. F. Jordan and discharged the com. but continued his case with bro. J. T. Dozier Sr., as a com. to see bro. Jordan. Heard report of com. appointed to concur with those other churches, and discharged them. Quite a large number of absentees were reported, and on motion of W. C. Smith all absentees were excused up to date. Bro. W. Bright Smith was reported to the church for drunkeness, and bro. A. N. Smith and J. L. Coleman were appointed to investigate the matter. A charge was prefered against bro. L. B. Dozier for comtempt of the church, and bro. J. O. Smith tendered his resignation as assistant treasurer which was accepted. Adjourned W. A. Humphrey, Mod., H. G. White, Clerk

The Reedy Creek Baptist Church met in conference March 23, 1895 Called the roll, and read minutes of last meeting. The com. to see bro. Joe Collins, made their final report which was accepted and the com. discharged and upon satisfactory confession the bro. was forgiven. Heard report of com. to see bro. Jordan and discharged them. The Church took up bro. Jordans case, and withdrew fellowship from him. Heard report of com. to see bro. W. Bright Smith, and discontinued the case. The com. appointed to secure a house for bro. Humphrey, having made the necessary arrangements were discharged. On motion J. G. Coleman the Church agreed to carry out the Church covenant in the future The clerk and treas. were appointed as a com. to see those that are in areas on our former pastor's sallary, and ascertain why they have not paid. Granted to N. P. Smith and family, letters of dismission. H. G. White offered his resignation as clerk, but the Church would not accept it. Adjourned W. A Humphrey, Mod,, H. G. White, C.C.

The Reedy Creek Baptist Church met in conference Sept 21, 1895. On motion the calling of the roll was omitted. The minutes of previous meeting was read and approved. Heard report of com. to see bro. Jack Smith, and dropped the case, provided he does not live in the same house with the woman any more, if he dies he by that act excludes himself. Heard the report of com. to investigate the case against bro. J. A. Smith. They after careful examination found him guilty, but believing him consciencous in what he said, forgave him. Granted letters of dismission to sisters Mattie Cook and Susan Stephans. A charge was prefered against bro. W. J. Ammons for profanity, the church being made satisfide of his obstinate guilt, excluded him. A charge was prefered againts bro. W. C. Smith for profanity. The church finding that the bro. was overtaken in the fault, forgave him. Charges of unchristian conduct was prefered against breth. A. P. Coleman and D. R. Dozier. (Rest of page missing.)

Reedy Creek Baptist Church met in conference Saturday before the 4th Sunday in Nov, 1895. Called the role, and read minutes of previous meeting. Took up the cases against brethren Dozier and Coleman, one at a time, and forgave them. Opened the door of the church. Granted a letter of dismission to sister Sallie Alford. Granted a letter of dismission to bro. H. G. White. H. G. White tendered his resignation as clerk of the church. Archie Owens was elected as clerk. Took up the business of the union and elected the following delegates: D. R. Dozier, M. W. Owens, T. K. Lee, J. W. Ammons, and A. N. Coleman. The com. to select decons deferred their report another month. On motion, a building com. was appointed as follows: W. S. Shelley, J. S. Coleman, C. R. Moore, M. W. Owens, C. W. Gordon, G. D. Coleman, J. W. Ammons, and bro. W. A. Humphrey. Adjourned, Rev. W. A. Humphrey, Mod; H. G. White, clerk

Reedy Creek Baptist Church met in conference Saturday before the fouth Lords Day in October 1900. Call role of Male members and red (sic) and approved minutes of previous meeting. Sister Jammie Davis, Susan Ammons and bro. Arteamous Alford was excluded for unchristian conduct. Report was heard from the deligates to the union; there were $11.01 sent from this church to the union. Report from the deligates to the Sociation (association) was heard; there was $10.00 sent from this church to the sosiation. Moved and carried to appoint Thanksgiving Day for the purpose of contributing to the orphans at Greenwood, S.C. Bro. M. W. Owens and bro. G. D. Coleman was appointed as a committee to see about building a parsonage. Rev. James A. Smith recd $25 from this church for helping meeting of dues........Adjourned Rev. A. T. Rogers, Mod; W. J. Dozier, C.C.

Reedy Creek Baptist Church met in conference Saturday before fourth Sunday Dec. 1907. Called the role, read and approved minutes of previous meeting. Took up the business of the union and appointed brethren W. D. Coleman, Ford Shelley, Bright Smith, W. J. Atkinson and J. L. Coleman as delegates. Bro. J. L. Coleman made a statement concerning aged ministers and requested that the church raise $500 for that purpose. Bro. T. K. Lee offered up his resignation as sexton and Bro. John Coleman was elected in his place. The Treasurer offered up his resignation and was reelected. Received Sister Lillie Legette by letter into the church. The clerk offered up his resignation and was reelected. Adjourned, Rev J. A. Mason, Mod; T. L. James, clerk

Reedy Creek Baptist Church met in conference Saturday before the fourth sunday Jan. 1908. Called the role read and approved minutes of previous meeting. Received Sister Henrietta Ammons into the fellowship of the Church. Took up a case against Sister Mary Flowers for disorderly walk and excluded her. Adjourned, Rev. J. A. Mason, Mod;, Tomie James, Church C.

Reedy Creek Baptist Church met in conference Saturday before the fourth Sunday in April 1908 Called the role, read and approved minutes of last meeting. Received Bro. Walter Harrellson into the watch care of the Church until further information was recieved, and appointed T. L. James as committee.. Restored Bro. J. R. Flowers into the fellowship of the Church and granted him a letter of dismission to Marion. Granted Bro. Roy McDonald and wife letters of dismission to Gapway, Adjourned Rev. J. A. Mason Mod; T. L. James, C.C.

Reedy Creek Baptist Church met in conference Saturday before the fourth Sunday in May 1908. Called the role, read and approved minutes of last meeting. Decided to continue the case of Bro. Harrellson another month with the same committee. Took up the business of the union and appointed brethren Ford Shelley, J. L. Coleman, T. K. Lee, W. Bright Smith, and Archie Owens as delegates. Decided to raise $200, $50 a year for 4 years for education. Adjourned Rev. J. A. Mason, Mod; T. L. James, C.C.

The W.M.S met at Reedy Creek Church July 19, 1908, Daisy Avant President, Julia Smith Secretary and Treasurer Protem.

Members of the W.M.S.:
R.R. Parham, Sarah Lee, Daisy Avant, Julia Smith, Celia Owens, Minnie Lane, Lizzie Coleman, Minnie Coleman, Minnie Coleman (sic), Sue Coleman, Anna James, Alma James, C.V. Owens, Jane Collins, Mary Collins, Nina Owens, Sue Smith, Maybelle Hunsucker, Eliza Sawyer, A.M. Snipes, Cora Lane, Belle Atkinson, Tryphosia Ammons, Florie Williamson, Golder Philips, and Gertie Cook

On Feb 13, 1898, Miss Ethel Snipes and Archie Owens brought the Primary S.S. class forward.

Received by Letter: (for church membership)
Apr 1907 Mrs Minnie Coleman
Dec 1907 Lillie Legette
Jan 1908 Henrietta Ammons
Sept 1908 W.E. Hewitt and wife
May 1909 E.J. Colman and wife, Jimmie Coleman
Jan 1910 Mrs. Minnie Snipes, Sarah E. Godbold and Walker James
Apr 1910 Miss Mary K. McMillan, D.C. James and wife
July 1910 Evander Brown
Feb 1911 Walter Shaw
Apr 1911 Miss Lillie Baxley
May 1911 Barney Stephens wife and son, J.O. Smith wife and --------.
July 1911 Volly Sanders, Mrs Howard Coleman and Mrs. Walter-------.
Aug 1911 M.E. Snipes
Sept 1911 Fannie Collins, Jimmie Stephens
Dec 1911 Rev. A. T. Rogers, Mrs. A. T. Rogers
Mar 1912 Mrs. Nettie Dozier
Nov 1912 Miss Lucy Sawyer

Mar 1907 Mrs Hannah Smith
Mar 1908 R. N. Coleman
Apr 1908 J. R. Flowers
Aug 1909 Daniel Marlow
Sep 1909 W. J. Adkinson and wife, Mrs. Helen Hamer
Dec 1909 W. B. Smith and wife
Sep 1910 Miss Effie Porter
Feb 1911 Archie Baxley
Mar 1911 Simpson Coleman
Jul 1911 Lizzie Philips
Mar 1912 Williamson Flowers
Aug 1912 Gary Coleman

Oct 1909 J. T. Dozier
Dec 1909 Cantie Coleman, W. B. Smith and wife
Apr 1910 W. J. Avant
May 1910 Eddie Bass
Oct 1910 Anna Bass
Nov 1910 Mrs. Lillie Martin
Feb 1911 J. H. Hatchel, Archie Owens, Nina and Edna Owens
Feb 1911 Mrs. Mattie Capps and W. Bright Smith
Mar 1911 Simpson Coleman and Evander Brown
May 1911 Jimmie Stephens
Oct 1911 Charlie Hewitt
Dec 1911 Howard Coleman and Mrs. Howard Coleman
Jan 1912 J. L. Coleman
May 25, 1912 Daniel Shelley, A. T. Rogers, Mrs. A. T. Rogers
June 1912 J. O. Smith, Mrs. Smith, Eva Smith, Mattie Capps, Callie Freeman
Aug 1912 Gary Coleman
Oct 1912 A. F. Lane
Nov 1912 Treacy Collins
This is to certify that Sister Helen Lane is a member with us in full fellowship, and is by her own request dismissed by us to unite with any other Church of same faith and order, when having so united, please notify us of same, may God's Blessing rest on her and you.
Signed in conformance, March 4, 1906
Rev H. A. Hemrick
H.H. (illegible)

E. B. Snipes (Elly Blakely) was "excluded" in September 1921
R. W. Snipes (Rufus Whitman) was "excluded" in March 1922

Membership of Reedy Creek Baptist Church

Boyd Atkinson	Given letter to Marion May 1945
Robert Atkinson			"
Boyd Atkinson, Jr.			"
Robey Atkinson			"
Mrs. Boyd Atkinson			"
Mrs. Robey Atkinson		"
T. C. Atkinson			"
Mrs. T. C. Atkinson			"
Carroll Atkinson			"	April 1945
Miriam Atkinson	Given ltr to Mars Hill NC, Sept 1942
Olive Atkinson
D. J. Atkinson
Benton Atkinson
Mrs. Benton Atkinson
Jessie Altman
Mrs. Jessie Altman
Clara Belle Ammons	Joined another church by ltr
Muriel Alford		Rc'd by ltr Jan 1942
E. A. Alford
Mrs. E. A. Alford
Malcolm Alford
Smith Alford

J. M. Brown
Mrs. J. M. Brown
Elizabeth Brown 	given ltr to Little Bethel, Nov 1944
Author Brown	
Willard Brown
M. C. Bethea
L. H. Baxley
Mrs. L. H. Baxley
H. K. Bridgeman	died June 1943
Mrs. H. K. Bridgeman
James Bridgeman
Hurburt Bridgeman
Dorothy Bridgeman
Virginia Baxley Williams	given ltr to Marion, Feb 3, 1946
R. H. Baxley		Rc'd by ltr, 1943
Mrs. R. H. Baxley
Harris Baxley
Thomas Baxley

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