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BROWN Family

The Brown family will next be noticed. The first Brown known was John Brown, "Cut-face" as he was called; came from Columbus County, N. C. and settled below or east of Marion; don't know to whom he married; he had and raised six sons, Richard (Dick), Joshua, Thomas, John, Stephen and William and two daughters. Mollie married a Mr. Fowler, and Patsey married a Mr. Campbell, who went West or disappeared. Richard Brown married a Miss Beach, Joshua married a Miss Brown, Thomas married a Miss Brown, Stephen married a Miss Whitner and William married a miss Whitter or Whittier.

Another family of Brown, not related to the preceding Browns will now be noticed, to wit; the family of the Hon. W. A. Brown belongs. Jeremiah Brown, the great-grand- father of Hon. W. A. Brown, married a Miss Jolly. They had four sons, Jerry, James, William and John S. The last named was in Fanning's army and was massacred by the Mexicans, about 1835 or '6 at the Alamo. There were two daughters - Rebecca who married John Graham and Annie, who married another John Graham, relative of the other.

--A History of Marion County, W.W. Sellers (1902)
Excerpt transcribed and contributed by Helen Moody, March 2000.


  • 1790 Federal Census, South Carolina, Georgetown District, Prince Frederick's Parish: BROWNs listed
    • Brown, John  1-3-2-0-0
    • Brown, Jeremiah  2-3-2-0-0
    • Brown, Ann  0-1-5-0-0
    • Brown, John  3-0-3-0-0
    • Brown, James  2-4-2-0-10
  • 1790 Federal Census, South Carolina, Georgetown District, Prince George's Parish: BROWNs listed
    • Brown, John (son of Zacheriah)  1-3-5-0-0
    • Brown, Edward & Jiles Powers  2-1-2-0-0
    • Brown, John  4-5-4-0-0
    • Brown, Frederick  1-2-2-0-0
    • Brown, Zechariah  1-0-3-0-0
    • Brown, William  1-0-1-0-0
    • Brown, Charles  1-0-3-0-5
  • 1790 Federal Census, South Carolina, Georgetown District, All Saints Parish (Horry Co.): BROWNs listed
    • Brown, John  1-2-1-0-4
    • Brown, Samuel  3-2-2-0-16

  • Will of BROWN, Samuel 1805
    Wife - Rachel; sons - William Brown, John Brown, James Brown
    NOTE: disposes of six tracts of land in Marlborough District

  • Will of BROWN, Jeremiah 1826, Recorded 1827
    Wife - Mary; daughters Ann T Brown, Rebecca S Brown; sons - Wm. A Brown, John S. Brown, Joseph A. Brown, Jeremiah Brown (likely the eldest son)
    NOTE: Planter with slaves.
    **See second paragraph of BROWNS in quote from Sellers above.

  • Will of BROWN, Edward c. 1837
    Wife - Nancy; daughters Rachel Brown and Hannah Brown (and Martha?); son Stephen Brown (married to Mary Gregg?); grandchildren Nancy Thomas, Edy Gasque
    NOTE: Planter with slaves

  • Will of BROWN, Ann 1837, Recorded 1841
    Apparently widow of Edward; sons-in-law Emanuel Martin and Nathan Garrell

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