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Another family now to be noticed is the Harrelson family. Of this family, on Buck Swamp and Maiden Down, the writer cannot say much, for the want of information; he cannot trace them genealogically. They are somewhat numerous in name and in their connections, and in former times more prominent than they now seem to be. In 1798, Lewis Harrelson and John Ford were elected as Representatives of Liberty County (now Marion) in the state Legislature, (Gregg's History, page 499.) The late Lewis Harrelson, near Miller's Church married Miss Mahala Rogers, and by her had six or seven children, sons and daughters, all minors at his death. The oldest son, Charles, is quite a promising young man; the names of the others not remembered. The late Lewis Harrelson had a brother, John Harrelson, who died or was killed in the war. He left two daughters. Lewis and John had a sister Mary Jane, who married our capital citizen, W. T. Cribb.

There are other Harrelsons in the county, collaterally related. George Harrelson, near Mullins.

Another branch of the family of on the Back Swamp, about Ariel. Old man Hugh Harrelson married a Miss Smith of Horry and raised a family of five sons and five daughters. Sons. John E. Hugh G., David., Samuel and another, not now remembered; the daughters were Mrs. William J. Atkinson, Mrs James Atkinson, Mrs. Prudence Johnson, Mrs. John D Sessions and Miss Theresa, who died unmarried before her father.

--A History of Marion County, W.W. Sellers (1902)
Excerpt transcribed and contributed by Helen Moody, March 2000.

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