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The name Smith is almost universal. It is found, I suppose, wherever the English language is spoken. It may fairly be assumed that all the Smiths had somewhere, at some remote period, a common ancestor - that is, an original stock whence they all sprang. To find it, the writer thinks is impossible, and he will not undertake to do so - does not know that he can do so, so far as Marion county is concerned, but will approach as near to it as he can. The first of which the writer knows or has any information concerning was John Smith, who settled upon and lived near the place now known as E. J. Moodys Mill, long before the Revolution - during the Revolution it was known as Tart's Mill. When it was built or by whom, is not known, It may have been built by John Smith or by Enos Tart. Enos Tart's mother was the sister or daughter of John Smith. This old John Smith had a family of sons and daughter, but how many of each in not known; from the best information obtainable this old John Smith had sons, named John, Samuel and James, and may be others; can't say as to any daughters, but am pretty sure that old Enos Tart's mother was his daughter rather than his sister...

There is another family of Smiths, below Marion, which I understand is in no way related to those hereinabove noticed - I refer to the late William B Smith and his family. He, as it is said, came when young from North Carolina, and settled below Reedy Creek Baptist Church; he was called "Horse-swapping Billy Smith" He was a great horse trader, and in that respect his mantle has fallen upon his sons, Nat. P. and Henry...

There are some other Smiths in the Mullins section of the county, and is supposed to be no relation to the other Smiths of that community. John Smith, of Clay Hill, and George Smith are referred to they descended from our old Moses Smith who is said to have been a very excellent man; he was a preacher (Methodist) and the reputation of him is, that he practiced in his own life what he preached to others ... The old man, Moses, had three sons, Isaiah, Daniel and James.
--A History of Marion County, W.W. Sellers (1902)

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