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Articles of agreement made and concluded between Col. Peter Horry, in behalf of Gen'l. Marion, and Major Ganey, Commanding officer of the Tories or King's subjects, inhabitants lying between great Pee Dee River and North Carolina.

ART. 1st. That from and after signing these articles, all hostilities on both sides shall cease.

ART. 2d. That both parties shall have free intercourse to traffick together unmolested.

ART. 3d. That injuries committed on persons or property on either side shall by the Captain or officer commanding the complainant, be made known to the officer commanding the defaulter, when a jury composed of five men, two to be whigs and two tories, with an officer from the side of the complainant, shall be called on to set as a court martial to judge and determine the matter between them, and to inflict such punishment as shall appear reasonable and just.

ART. 4th. That property taken not in action (but plundered) on being proved by either party, shall be restored.

ART. 5th. That these articles of agreement and association shall continue for three months certain, or for any longer time not exceeding twelve months, and be valued and binding on both parties as shall be ratified by the Honorable Gen'l. Marion. Given under our hands at Pee Dee, June 17th, 1781.

PETER HORRY, Col. Gen. Marion's Brigade.

Gibbes, Robert Wilson, Documentary History of the American Revolution,
Volume 3, p. 98)

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