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Treaty between Gen'l. Marion in behalf of the State of South Carolina, and Major Ganey and the inhabitants under his commands which were included in the treaty made the 17th June, 1781.

ART. 1st. The men under his command to lay down their arms as enemies to the State, and are not to resume them again until called on to do so in support of the interest of the United States, and of this State in particular.

ART. 2d. They will deliver up all negroes, horses, cattle and property that have been taken from this or any other State.

ART. 3d. They will demean themselves as peaceable citizens of this State, and submit themselves in future to be governed by its laws, in the same manner as the rest of the citizens thereof.

ART. 4th. They engage to apprehend and deliver up all persons within the district, who shall refuse to accede to these terms and contumaciously persist in rebellion against this State.

ART. 5th. They will deliver up as soon as possible, every man who belongs to any regular line in the American service, and every inhabitant of North Carolina, or this or any other State, who have joined them since the 17th of June, 1781, when the last treaty was made, or oblidge them to go out of the district, and whenever they return, to take and deliver them into safe custody of any jail within the State.

ART. 6th. Every man is to sign an instrument of writing, professing his allegiance to the United States of America, and the State of South Carolina in particular, and to objure his Britannic Majesty, his heirs, successors and adherents.

ART. 7th. And promise to oppose all the enemies of the United States, and the State of South Carolina in particular.

ART. 8th. The above eight articles being agreed on, they shall have a full pardon for all treason committed by them against the State, and enjoy their property and be protected by the laws thereof.

ART. 9th. Such men as do not choose to accede to the above treaty, shall deliver themselves as prisoners of war, and shall be safely conducted within the British lines, to be exchanged for so many American prisoners, and will be allowed to carry their wives and children and such property, (stock and arms excepted) as are really theirs. All arms, ammunition and warlike stores to be delivered up.

Robert W. Gibbes collection of Revolutionary War manuscripts 1773-1820, South Carolina Archives

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