Volunteers in the Confederate Army from Marion County, SC
Surnames "O"
SC Confederate Flag

Compiled by Victoria Proctor 1995 to present

* = Company of Militia last called into service

OAKLEY, Robt. N.Private HOrr's Regiment of Rifles--
OLIVER, Alexander R.Private L21st Regiment Infantry Discharged Jan. 26, 1863.
April 18, 1919 - Alexander R. Oliver of Centenary applied for pension for service in Co. L, (McDuffie's Company), 21st Regt and in Co. E, First Infantry Regt.

/ Victoria Proctor, Oct 2003
OLIVER, Samuel L.1st Cpl.EGregg's 1st RegimentPromoted Second Lt. May 1864 for gallantry. Transferred by promotion May 1864.
/ Victoria Proctor
O'NEILL, JohnPvt. HOrr's Regiment of Rifles of Charleston.
/ Victoria Proctor
OWENS, Albert P.Private EGregg's 1st RegimentDied August 1, 1863.
/ Victoria Proctor
OWENS, Alexander B.-- ---- died 1928 at home /Victoria Proctor
See obituary contributed by Jane B. Thompson, 2004.
OWENS, D. F.1st Cpl. E23rd Regiment Infantry Promoted from ranks.
/ Victoria Proctor, Oct 2015
OWENS, David R.Private IEighth Regiment InfantryKilled in Virginia 1863.
/ Victoria Proctor
OWENS, E.B.Sgt.F Fourth Regiment CavalryWounded Hawes Shop.
/ Victoria Proctor
OWENS, J.Private E23rd Regiment Infantry --
/ Victoria Proctor, Oct 2015
OWENS, J. W.Private E23rd Regiment Infantry --
/ Victoria Proctor, Oct 2015
OWENS, N.R.PrivateL10th Regiment Infantry--
OWENS, Redin(g)PrivateI First Regiment Infantry (Hagood's) enlisted at Charleston, May 10, 1862; reported on muster rolls of June 30, August 31, October 31, and December 31, 1864, and February 28, 1865, as absent without leave since February 4, 1864. / Victoria Proctor
OWENS, Shadrach S.Private IEighth Regiment Infantry Transferred from Company I to Company L. Killed at Cold Harbor.
/ Victoria Proctor 2015
OWENS, Stephen G. Sgt.D7th Battalion, SC Reserves Died by 1902.
/ Victoria Proctor, Sept 2003
OWENS, W.Private-- SC Militia--
OWENS, WalterPrivate H23rd Regiment Infantry Discharged 1862.
/ Victoria Proctor, Oct 2015
OWENS, William PrivateD7th Battalion, SC Reserves
/ Victoria Proctor, Sept 2003
OWENS, William R.Private H23rd Regiment Infantry Surrendered 1865. Died before 1902
/ Victoria Proctor, Oct 2015
OWENS, WillisFifth Corporal E23rd Regiment Infantry --
/ Victoria Proctor, Oct 2015
OWENS, Z.Private-- SC Militia--

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