Volunteers in the Confederate Army
from Marion County, SC

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Marion County men are known to have served in the South Carolina 21st Regiment Infantry - Companies "I" and "L".
Company "I" was known as Howard's Company. Company "L" was known as McDuffie's Company (Captain Neill C. McDuffie).

21st Regiment Infantry

The 21st Infantry Regiment was organized on November 12, 1861 and mustered into Confederate service January 1, 1862 with men from what is known as the Pee Dee region of the state.

It served for some time in the Charleston area attached to General Hagood's Brigade in the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. The units belonging to "Hagood's Brigade" were the 7th SC Battalion, 11th, 21st, 25th and 27th SC Regiments. Hagood's Brigade was not officially formed until September 30, 1863.

During the spring of 1864 it moved to Virginia and was active at Drewry's Bluff and Cold Harbor. The unit continued the fight in the Petersburg trenches, then took part in the North Carolina operations. On Morris Island, July 10-11, (1863) it lost 14 killed, 112 wounded, and 56 missing, and on August 7, there were 20 officers and 277 men fit for duty. The regiment reported 133 casualties from May 6-9, 1864, Port Walthall Junction and Swift Creek north of Petersburg, 81 at Drewry's Bluff, and 61 at the Weldon Railroad. All of the men defending Fort Fisher were captured and the few who later served in the regiment surrendered with the Army of Tennessee. The field officers were Colonel Robert F. Graham, Lieutenant Colonels Alonzo T. Dargan and George W. McIver, and Majors J. Harleston and S. H. Wilds.

Surrendered by General Joseph E. Johnston at Durham Station, Orange County, North Carolina on April 26, 1865.

Battles the SC 21st fought were:

Charleston Harbor (April 7, 1863 and August-September 1863)

Port Walthall Junction (May 6, 1864)
Swift Creek (May 9, 1864)
Drewry's Bluff (May 9th, 12th, and 16th, 1864)
Cold Harbor (June 1-3, 1864)
Petersburg Siege (June 1864-April 1865)
Weldon Railroad (August 21, 1864)
2nd Fort Harrison (September 30, 1864)

2nd Fort Fisher (January 13-15, 1865)
Carolinas Campaign (February-April 1865)
Bentonville (March 19-21, 1865).

More about the SC 21st can be found in Memoirs of the War of the Secession by General Johnson Hagood. There is also a more specific older unit history you might try to find through interlibrary loan; The History of Co. B, 21st Regiment (Infantry), South Carolina Volunteers, Confederate States Provisional Army by Henry Kershaw DuBose, Columbia, R. L. Bryan Co., 1909, 130 p.

Much of this information was generously provided by Jim GABEL, a WBTS researcher. Jim has offered to answer questions but can take requests for general information ONLY.

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