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Extracts from The Marion Star, 1872

March 20, 1872

Greenville - Mr. Duncan BROOKS, son of Capt. J. W. BROOKS died on Saturday, the 9th inst. Duncan was about 24 years old, his father is near 85 years old.

Greenville John E. McCLURE was killed on the 5th inst.

March 27, 1872

George ANDERSON died last Saturday near Fair Bluff.

Died last week, son of Mr. Henry PRICE.

Capt. William SANDERS of Anderson is dead; Andrew TODD died Monday.

Mrs. Nancy HARRISON of Greenville, widow of the late Dr. James HARRISON, died last Tuesday.

William BATES of Greenville Dist. is dead, aged 75 - 80 years old.

Died Feb. 29 in Marion Co., Mrs. Mary Ann BETHEA, oldest daughter of Charles MILES, Esq., in her 39th year of age. [lengthy obit]

April 3, 1872

William Gilmore SIMMS recently died. Buried at Magnolia Cemetery.

J. Wesley SMITH, editor of the Marlboro Times, was married on the 21st of March, to Miss C. Maitland, daughter of the late D. G.

Maj. E. M. STOEBER was married last week in Columbia to Miss Fanny L., the daughter of Gen. C. J. STOLBRAND.

April 10, 1872

Mr. Henry L. NORTON died last week.

April 17, 1872

Married April 2, Mr. W. D. CARMICHAEL to Miss Agnes HARLLEE.

April 24, 1872

Rev. Charles BETTS died April 16th at the residence of his son-in-law, Dr. E. B. SMITH. Buried in Methodist graveyard.

Capt. W. H. McDOWELL died in Cincinnati a few days ago.

Mr. Joseph AREY, of Fayetteville, died on 4th inst at age of 82 years.

May 8, 1872

Little Duncan, only surviving child of Capt. Duncan McINTYRE, died at the residence of his grandfather, Gen. William EVANS, last Monday.

Col. C. W. MILLER, formerly a prominent attorney at our Bar, died recently in Florida.

Married last Saturday, Mr. M. F. MCBRIDE to Miss Lena, eldest daughter of Julius BROWN.

May 15, 1872

Bryan FLOWERS died Sunday a week ago.

Hon. Alfred HUGER, of Charleston, died 14th inst., aged 84 years.

Noah SUMERFORD died last Saturday.

June 26, 1872

Died on 4th inst., Mrs. Araminta, wife of Hugh G. ELLIS, leaves 2-month old infant.

July 3, 1872

Married June 27, Mr. John ALLISON to Miss Julia, daughter of Capt. W. H. CRAWFORD.

July 10, 1872

Died June 22, 1872, Mrs. Martha J. McRae ALFORD, wife of Paisley ALFORD of Marion Co.

July 17, 1872

Married July 11, Mr. L. R. OWENS to Miss G. B. WALL, both of Marion Co. July 24, 1872

Mr. James L. ROSBOROUGH of Blackstock is dead.

Mr. William BRISTOW of Marlboro died on Saturday at an advanced age.

Greenville, last Saturday, Mr. Benjamin GILREATH, aged about 24 years who resided near Pickens C.H., died. He was the brother of Mr. A. M. GILREATH.

Lancaster - Mr. H. Crawford LEMMOND died last Saturday in Monroe, NC. Buried in Village cemetery in Lancaster.

August 7, 1872

Ebb WEST, colored, was killed July 30. He was the father-in-law of Sam Brown (or Sam Jones.)

August 21, 1872

Cal. E. S. IRVIN, long a citizen of Greenville, is dead.

Mrs. M. V. OWENS, of Winnsboro, died last Sunday.

September 11, 1872

Willie G., eldest son of Dr. J. W. and Mrs. V. E. SINGLETARY, died last Saturday - 11 years old.

Married on 4th inst., Mr. Henry CANNON to Miss Alice RODGERS.

September 18, 1872

Miss Anna EVERITT, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas CARROL, died at Flemington, NC on the 13th inst. at age of 18 years.

Robeson - Died on September 10, Mr. W. B. McCLELLAN, (son of the late Colin McCLELLAN).

September 25, 1872

Columbia - Last Saturday, Capt. John D. CALDWELL was killed.

Mr. Duncan A. McINTYRE died on the 20th inst., leaves young wife and one child.

October 9, 1872

Prof. Henry BRIDOERS, eldest son of Hon. R. R. BRIDGERS, has died. October 23, 1872

Kansas, Oct. 15 - A man from S.C. by the name of McDONALD died in St. Louis.

Died 19th inst of typhoid, Joseph Franklin SMITHY, youngest son of Mrs. L. E. SMITHY.

October 30, 1872

Married on 29th inst., John A. KELLY to Miss Lizzie BOYD.

November 6, 1872

Died at Briton’s Neck, Marion Co., Sept. 20, 1872, Mr. Thomas TYLER, aged 77 years and 40 days.

Mrs. Horace GREELEY of N.Y. died on the 30th ult. Her maiden name was Mary Y. CHENEY and married Mr. Greeley in Warrenton, NC on July 5, 1836.

November 20, 1872

Married on 12th inst., Mr. W. H. BETHEA of Marion to Miss Elvira L. WILLSON, youngest daughter of Wm. WILLSON.

November 27, 1872

Dr. Robert HARLLEE died last Monday.

Rev. Dr. SMITH died recently at Raleigh, husband of Mrs. Mary L. SMITH, and the father of Mrs. Frances MANN.

Died, Mrs. Susannah ROGERS, wife of Jesse ROGERS, she died November 14, 1872.

December 4, 1872

Horace GREELEY died last Friday.

W. W. BRADY died last Friday.

Edward LETSON of Chester is dead.

Rev. C. THOMASON of Camden is dead.

Mr. Allen ROBERTSON of Lancaster is dead.

Mrs. Ellen SENTER of Cokesbury is dead.

Wm. HAMILTON, aged 76, died on 19th inst. at Cornwell’s Turn Out.

Thomas PAYNE, aged 72, and Thomas DeLOACH, aged 74, of Edgefield Co., are dead.

Mrs. George KENNEDY, aged 92 years, died last Friday at Ft. Mills, Lancaster Co.

Miss Lizzie E. SLOAN of Abbeville died Sunday.

Berry VANDEVEER of Anderson Co. died last Tuesday.

December 11, 1872

Mrs. Virginia Fourgeaud DAWSON, wife of F. W. DAWSON, died Friday.

Mrs. Hod HILL of "96" is dead.

Mrs. T. C. GOWER of Greenville is dead.

Mrs. R. H. MARTIN and her 9-year old daughter, of Grahams, died last Friday.

Married on 28th ult, Mr. J. W. WHITE to Miss Mary R. HUNTER, both of Marion Co.

Mr. F. SILES died Monday, leaves young wife and one child.

December 18, 1872

Capt. Joel N. SCHENCK OF Camden died Friday.

Mr. Win. KARR of Abbeville was killed a few days ago.

Mrs. Nannie Gwin COSTER, wife of Lt. Geo. W. COSTER, and daughter of Adm. Alfred TAYLOR, died in Aiken, S.C. on the 7th inst.

Butler DUCK, colored, was killed Sunday in Greenville.

Beaufort - J. H. H. MILLETT died at the residence of his brother, S. C. MILLETI.

December 25, 1872

Pike Co., GA - Hartford GREEN, lawyer, is dead.

Extracts contributed by Gloria Buckle
Edited and reformatted by Victoria Proctor, 2003.

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