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THE PEE DEE INDEX — Published every Tuesday

January 6, 1886 - Wednesday

Married Dec. 24, 1885, Miss Annie ROGERS, daughter of Mrs. M. A. ROGERS, and Mr. Luther CARMICHAEL.

Mrs. J. Boyd BRUNSON died last Thursday. Buried at Hopewell Church. Leaves husband and three children.

January 13, 1886 - Wednesday

Miss Maggie SKIPPER, daughter of Mr. I. T. SKIPPER, on the 6th ult., married Mr. Lewis ROBERTS.

Mr. R. J. POPE died Friday; buried at Beauty Spot Cemetery where his wife was buried two months and 20 days before. Leaves many children.

January 27, 1886 - Wednesday

Married Jan. 7, Mr. R. A. HAMER, Jr. and Miss Jane McCALLUM, eldest daughter of Mr. Brown McCALLUM.

Married Jan. 13, Mr. S. A. GREGG, Jr. of Mars Bluff and Miss N. J. MAXWELL, daughter of Col. W. J. MAXWELL of Florence.

Married last Thursday, Mr. W. H. CROSS and Miss Kate Power EVANS, bride is niece of Rev. W. C. POWER.

Married Jan. 24, Mr. W. G. COLEMAN and Miss Annie BOATWRIGHT.

February 3, 1886 - Wednesday

Mr. D. A. LAYTON married Miss Lizzie BERRY last Thursday.

Major David MONROE died last Friday at age of 73. Native of N.C., came to Marion about 50 years ago. Married 3 times.

[Jan. land transfers - D. A. Calhoun to J. H. Manning, 19 ac, $800.00. Also, T. Richardson to N. Sweet, 81 ac, $5.00]

Miss Maggie J. GREGG, daughter of Mr. A. S. GREGG, celebrated her 16th birthday on January 16.

Mr. J. B. HURST died last Wednesday.

Mrs. Martha EDWARDS died Jan. 7 at age 74. Married nearly 55 years.

Married on Jan. 5, Mr. Asa CHURCH and Miss Amanda COOK.

Married Jan. 20, Mr. K. M. CAMPBELL OF Marion and Miss M. Anna MOODY, formerly of Alabama.

Married Jan. 28, Mr. Preston TANNER and Miss Ella RICHARDSON.

February 10, 1886 - Wednesday

Mrs. Phamie TART died in Oak Grove Section last week at age of 94.

Rev. J. W. KOGER, Methodist missionary from this state to Brazil, died recently.

Knight GIBSON died last Monday.

February 17, 1886 - Wednesday

Mrs. Hannah KIRTON died Monday, Feb. 8 at age of 78. Leaves 8 living children. She was born Dec. 30, 1808, married twice. Last. husband, Henry KIRTON, she married on Aug. 11, 1835 and on Dec. 23, 1864, she was left a widow for 2nd time.

February 17, 1886 - Wednesday

Mr. P. Y. BETHEA is the new father of twins - a boy and a girl.

Capt. David MONROE died Jan. 29 at age of 74. Born in Georgia on Nov. 22, 1812, his parents were both of Scotch extraction and belonged to Flora McDonald’s country in N.C. His mother was a McIntyre and died soon after his birth. His maternal uncle was Jack McINTYRE of Cumberland, N.C. David married three times - 1st was the sister of the late John MACE, a Mrs. Col. ROBERTS. Issue of this marriage was a daughter, the present Mrs. KING of Fayetteville. 2nd wife was the widow HASELDEN, who had 6 children, 2 of whom are still living (a son and a daughter) by her first husband. The daughter from her first marriage is Mrs. C. D. EVANS. Issue of this marriage was Dr. F. M. MONROE and Col. James C. MONROE, who died in a distant land. David Monroe is survived by his 3rd wife, the former Miss F. A. WHITE. He was buried at Shiloh Church.

March 3, 1886 - Wednesday

Mr. John WOODBERRY died last week at age of 84

March 10, 1886 - Wednesday

Married February 24 at Orangeburg C.H., Mr. Preston DAVIS of Marion Co. and Miss Cornelia RAYSOR of Orangeburg.

March 17, 1886 - Wednesday

Married Sunday, Mr. Asa J. A. PERRITT and Miss Lula MURRAY, daughter of J. W. MURRAY.

Mrs. Janie HOUGH, daughter of Mr. B. DILL of Britons Neck, died at Greeleville last Wednesday. Remains returned home and buried at Old Heck Church. Leaves husband and three children.

Isham H. WATSON died last Thursday. Buried at Family burying ground at Antioch Church. 64 years old.

Alonzo WILLIAMS, colored, died last Tuesday.

Sylvester POPE of Marion Co. has been charged with bigamy in Wilmington, N.C. In 1877, Mr. Pope married a widow, Mrs. Sarah BRITT, a daughter of Dr. John WARD of Roberson Co. A few months later, he moved to Lincoln Co., NC - then to Gaston Co., then to Florence, S.C. and finally to Marion. In the latter part of Jan., he married Miss Williams of Duplin Co., NC in Wilmington.

March 24, 1886 - Wednesday

Miss Sallie, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. MYERS of Marion Co., married Mr. Manly T. BARRETT of Anson Co., NC on March 10.

Miss O. Glover BROWNE, youngest daughter of Rev. Sidi H. BROWNE, died yesterday.

Married Feb. 24, Miss Flora C. CARMICHAEL, daughter of Mr. M. C. CARMICHAEL, and Mr. Shockley A. McQUEEN of Hasty, H.C.

Married March 8, Mr. Wm. BLACKWELL and Miss Jane BYRD.

Married March 18, Mr. Charles McCLOUD and Miss Ida ROGERS, daughter of Hon. R. H. ROGERS.

March 31, 1886 - Wednesday

Mr. Pearce HARRINGTON from Marlboro Co. died Friday. Buried at Elmwood.

Married March 25, Mr. C. K. HORN and Miss Millie LUPO.

April 7, 1886 - Wednesday

Married in the State - Mr. J. V. CLOUD and Miss Olivia HIGGINS, Fairfield; Mr. James M. BOND and Miss Nannie E. ARNOLD, Abbeville; Mr. James M. MOSELY of Anderson , and Miss Rosa Adaline BRAMLETTE of Greenville; Mr. Brooks PARLAR and Miss S. P. CUTTINO, Orangeburg; Mr. M. MAYS and Miss Nannie BLACKMAN, Anderson; Mr. G. B. TAYLOR and Cornelia WEDLOCK, Laurens; Mr. Henry HENDON and Miss Rebecca MASON; Mr. W. H. LEWIS and Miss Mary McKENZIE, Hampton.

Deaths in the State - Jacob OUTZ, Edgefield; Jas. T. L. JAMES, Manning; Mrs. Sallie ROSBEROUGH, Fairfield; Mrs. T. H. REMBERT, J. M. JAMES - Sumter; Robert F. BELL, Abbeville; Miss Maggie WITHERS, Chester; Rev. James A. WOODWARD, Earnwall; Mrs. Harriet E. McDONALD, Hampton; W. P. HARMAN, A. HALLMAN - Newberry; Mrs. Frances BUSBEE, MRS. Lou HARDIN, Geo. W. LAWTON - Edgefield; John BROWN, colored, Oconee.

Jane LOWRANCE died last Saturday. Husband died over 20 years ago leaving her a childless widow.

Sixteen-year old son of Capt. Stephen BERRY died last Sunday.

April 14, 1886 - Wednesday

Isham H. WATSON was born May 14, 1821, son of Isham WATSON. His eldest son, George, died in Milledgeville, GA on Oct. 23, 1885. Isham H. died March 11, 1886.

Beechman ALFORD, colored, died last week.

Married April 1, Mr. G. Marshall NANCE and Miss Mattie L. STANLEY.

April 21, 1886 - Wednesday

Mr. POWERS died April 9, native of N.C., coming here a month ago.

Married April 14, Mr. Lexington BROWN of Marion Co. and Miss Della ELLIOT of Georgetown, S.C.

Hon. Thos. W. BEATY died in Conway last Sunday. Was born in Horry Co. in 1825, the son of Rev. J. E. BEATY. Survived by wife.

Capt. Elisha C. BETHEA died April 7.

April 28, 1886 - Wednesday

Married April 10, Mr. McK. ARNETT to Miss Ellen LUPO.

Mr. William PLATT died last week.

Jane, wife of Evander J. MOODY, died last Sunday at age of 70.

"Aunt Famie TART" to be buried at Kirby’s Crossroads on 2nd Sun in May.

May 5, 1886 - Wednesday

Married April 29, Mr. Addison M. FORE and Miss Bettie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David J. McKENZIE.

May 19, 1886 - Wednesday

Mrs. CARMICHAEL, wife of Mr. B. M. CARMICHAEL and daughter of Rev. J. W. MURRAY, died last week. She was a bride of only a few months.

Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Junius H. EVANS, aged about 19 months, died Friday.

May 25, 1886 - Wednesday

Capt. Elisha BETHEA was born Feb. 28, 1807 and died April 5, 1886. At the age of 21 he married Miss Martha A. WALTER, who with 10 children survives him.

June 2, 1886 - Wednesday

Mrs. Walker EVANS nee Miss Effie McDOUGALD, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. STEED. [?]

William BROWN, aged 14, and Miss Ann COOPER, aged 13, were married May 16 at Durbin Church, Laurens County.

Mr. D. K. McDUFFIE and Miss Maggie HASELDEN were married last Wednesday.

June 16, 1886 - Wednesday

Killed in train wreck of Monday, June 7: John L. COLE - Charleston; Dr. G. G. KINLOCH - Charleston; Miss C. E. McWHITE - Marion; William H. INGLESBY - Charleston; Miss Flora McIVER — Charleston; Miss Hannah WILSON - Cheraw.

Mrs. T. D. RICHARDSON died Saturday.

Mrs. W. L. SHELLY died last week. She was a bride of only a few months.

Infant child of Mr. Manuel ALFORD, about 4 months old, died last Sunday.

Married June 6, Mr. Dock RICHARDSON and Miss Lottie RICHARDSON, granddaughter of Mrs. ATKINSON.

June 23, 1886 - Wednesday

Maj. Z. A. DRAKE of Marlboro Co., died June 12.

Mr. T. J. BASS died June 16, born Jan. 1, 1851. Leaves wife and 4 little boys, and brother and sister.

Fama TART died Feb. 6, 1886 at age 95. Born Dec. 4, 1791. Married Nathan TART in Jan. or Feb. 1812. Mother of 12 children, several already dead. Daughter of Henry BERRY (not Crossroads Berry.)

W. L. BASS, son of Dr. T. J. BASS, now of Kingstree, married Miss Eddie LUCAS last week.

June 23, 1886 - Wednesday

Wife and child of Mr. Griffin D. COLEMAN and child of Mr. Allen SMITH, died last week.

June 30, 1886 - Wednesday

Jas. H. MANNING and Jas. GALLOWAY, each lost a child last week.

Mr. Dougald McINTYRE died last week.

Rev. Armand C. LEGETTE died recently in Leesburg, Fla. He was the son of Dr. A. S. LEGETTE of Marion County.

Mr. Henry J. GEORGE, 19- year old son of the late Col. GEORGE, died last week.

Died in Roberson Co., N.C. on June 6 at the residence of her son, W. H. STACKHOUSE, Mrs. Lucretia STACKHOUSE.

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