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The Marion Star, Issue of January 25, 1859

Woodson EVANS

Woodson Evans of Marion District, a member of the 4th class of Citadel Cadets died at the Citadel Academy, January 10th, 1859, at the early age of 16 years. Not withstanding the intensity of his disease-Congestion of the Lungs-he suffered with the lofty composure of a martyr, and breathed his last as calmly and as quietly as a summer's dream. He died in a Military Hospital, but his bed was made soft by the sympathy of weeping friends, and his most solemn requiem was the universal expression of agonized grief from his comrades in arms.

Woodson had been in the Military academies one year, during which time he gained for himself an enviable reputation, for the purity of his moral character, and the brilliancy of his intellectual endowments. He was the pride and ornament of his class and bid fair to bear off its highest honors.

His life is his best eulogy. To the Corps of Citadel Cadets he has left a noble heritage, a pure and glorious example. He was beautiful in person, he was graceful in action, tender yet chivalric in sentiment, devout in spirit and, take him all in all, he was the most lovable character we ever knew. He was brilliant, brave, and noble minded, and we honored him; he was loving, generous, kind and good and we loved him. Dying his last thought was of home and his last prayer was for his mother-may his noble qualities act as curatives to a mother's wounded heart. - Until every impression is erased from the brain there will remain in our mind the memory of a rooted sorrow. We hazard nothing in saying that this spirit was escorted by Angel squadrons to the bosom of his God for his faith was founded on a rock-it was the faith of a soldier, a gentleman and a Christian.

And now Woodson our last melancholy duty has been performed and we bid you on Earth, forever Farewell! May our end be like yours. We will not, would not, cannot forget you.

"You may break, you may ruin the vase if you will
But the scent of the roses will hang around still."


Woodson Evans was born April 3, 1842, and was the last of 13 children born to the Hon. Thomas Evans (1790-1845) and Jane Beverly Daniel (1795-1861) of Marion, SC. Woodson is buried with his parents in the Old Town Cemetery behind the Methodist Church in Marion.

Submitted by Jane Booz Thompson, 19 May 2004.

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