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The Dillon Herald, Dillon South Carolina

October 14, 1909, Vol. 15, No. 37

James Henry Fore

Born 4th Jan. 1832, died 21st August 1909. A native of Marion County, S. C. The second son and third child of Thomas and Rebecca (Gasquie) Fore.

Educated in the common schools of Marion County - reared and trained as a farmer, which he made the occupation of his life.

His home and farm were his universe, and there everything was well ordered and precise. His barn and smoke-house were never empty, and he was not annoyed by collecting agents.

At the commencement of the Confederate War, he enlisted in the 23rd S. C. Regiment where he rendered faithful service to the close of hostilities. He was twice married: First to Miss May L. Kirvin to whom was born six children, only three of whom survive, to wit; Thomas E., Donnela and Mary Jane, all of whom are worthy members of society in their native county, and all parents of families. The second marriage was with Mrs. Henrietta (Lane) Brigman, to whom was born four children, of whom three survive to wit: Joe V., Nina and Rebecca. Joe V. and Rebecca are married but Miss Nina remains single, being the youngest of the children. The wife pre-deceased the husband by only a few years having been paralyzed prior to her death.

The oldest brother of H. J. Fore - Ely Fore - in early life went to Alabama to make his home, and although it is known that he raised a family there, little is know here concerning them.

The second in family, Elizabeth Ann, became the wife of the late Col. E. T. Stackhouse, and was the mother of several sons of prominence in Marion County. The next younger brother, Thomas, went west and died there. Daniel died in a Yankie prison during the Confederate war. Rebecca Jane became the wife of Dr. W. W. Hamilton, a prominent and worthy citizen of the town of Marion, and a survivor of the Confederate War (in which none rendered more faithful service): and the mother of Dr. Thomas W. Hamilton now beginning his career in the home of his parents and ancestors. Rebecca Jane is now the only surviving member of this interesting family in Marion County, who (it may be parenthetically stated) has largely performed the part of a mother as well as a noble sister to the other brothers and sisters and also to the widowed father. It was at her hone that J. H. Fore always sought comfort and rest during the declining days, and it was there he went to receive the last kind offices of earthly friends; there to her aged father lingered and died there; a younger sister, Miss Eugenia, made her home for many years and during a long and painful illness was nursed until the time of her death; there a younger brother Willis Fore was borne when crushed by a moving railroad train, and received the comforting care of this gently sympathizing sister until he breathed his last; and it was there children Ed. M. Fore were taken for training and maintenance after his tragic death.

Tracy R. Fore, a younger brother, some years ago, moved with his family to the state of Florida.

A Personal Friend.

Transcribed and contributed by Helen Moody, 23 Jun 2002

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