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Transcribed by Betty Jo Stewart, 8 March 2001

Will of John Baker

In the name of God. Amen, I John Baker of South Carolina Marion District, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, but weak in body and calling to mind the uncertainty of life, and being desirous to dispose of ale such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with do make and ordain this my last will, in manner following. that is to say That after my decease and the payment of ale my Just debts & funeral expenses

-After payment of my debts and funeral expenses, I give to my wife Catharine Baker The plantation on which I now reside that is from West end of cotton field bounded by a ditch runing between said cotton field and big field to the East ind of orchard field bounded North by Collinís swamp and South by the outside fences enclosing the same, during the term of her widowhood and should she not Marry during the term of her natural life. and should she marry again the said lands before described is hereby given to my son William B. Baker, and should she not Marry, at her decease I hereby give the said lands to my son as aforesaid-

I also give to my /wifeaforesaid (and on the terms aforesaid) two featherbeds with their furniture, also all my household & Kitchen furniture (except two beds & furniture herein after mentioned) on the terms aforesaid vis that if my wife, after my decease, marry again the said household & Kitchen furniture, or after her decease the said furniture to be equally divided between my two children vis. William B Baker and Mary Giles.

I also give my Wife aforesaid on the terms first mentioned all my plantation tools.

I also give my wife on the terms first mentioned two Horses such as she may choose also one yoke of oxen and five cows and calves also twenty head of hogs and my intire stock of sheep all of which at her marriage or Death to be my Sonís as aforesaid.

I also give to my wife the use of the following negroes, on the tirms before specified and herein after explained. Vis Peter Dave. Casey, Esther, and at the marriage or Death of /my wifethe negroes to be divided as follows, to my son Wm B Baker I give Dave and Casey and to my daughter Mary Giles I loan Peter and Esther, during the tirm of her natural life & after her decease to be equally divided /amongher children that may be living at that time -

I give to my Son William B. Baker all my Real Estate (except so much as is herein given to my wife during her widowhood __) lying on the North Side of Bakers Swamp and more fully & particularly laid down in a plat of resurvey made the 20th day of February 1832,. also all my stock of Horses Cattle and Hogs (not herin before disposed of) one feather bed & furniture, also the following negroes, Vis. Jack, Lucy, Smart, Robbin, Henry, Tiller, Orum, Maria, Eliza. Prisy, Mary, Hannah, Cyrus Julian, Peter, Jane, Sarah & Jim, to him and his heirs forever, -

I loan to my Daughter Mary Giles during the term of her natural life the Tract of land upon /whichshe now resides lying on the South side of Bakerís Swamp.

I also loan to my daughter aforesaid the following negroes vis Ė Will Neptun(?), Flora, Hannah, Delia, Rose, Charity, Chesley, Young Hannah and all her increases either already born or that may be hereafter born Ė and at the death of my Daughter Mary Giles, I give the property Just mentioned to my grandchildren the offspring of my Daughter aforesaid Share and Share alike that may be living at the time of her demise and I give to my daughter Mary Giles one feather bed & furniture,

And lastly I do constiture and appoint my son the said Wm. B. Baker and my friend, Wm. B Rowell executors of this my last will and testament by me heretofore made ~ In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 12th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred & forty three & Sixty seventh of the sovereignty & independence of the United States of America

Signed Sealed published & declared                John Baker (SEAL)
As and for the last Wile and testament
Of the above named John Baker in the
presence of us

The foleowing words were interlined

Before the execution hereof. On 1st

Page 13th line from bottom "wife. 
2nd page 7th line from top "of my wife.- 
12th line same page "among. 
11th line from bottom
same page "which.

W. W. Gregg

William Evans

Ed B. Wheeler

Recorded in Will Book 2, Page 153
Recorded Jany. 26, 1834
E. B. Wheeler, Ordinary
Roll No. 963

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