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Transcribed by Betty Jo Stewart, 7 March 2001

Will of John Bigham

In the name of God Amen, I John Bigham of Marion District and State of 
South Carolina, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, Thanks to 
Almighty God for the same, do make and ordain this to be my Last Will and 
Testament, In manner and form following, Having given my Wife Margaret Bigham 
three negroes (vis) Hannah Deanna (sp) and Tilder on the 16th day of September 
1828. and she chose Col. Samuel Bigham to be her agent to act for her during 
her Life. and Whereas Col. Samuel Bigham started to the Alabama on the 16th 
day of January 1836 they three negroes above named, was returned to me again. 
on the first day of January 1836 and has been in my possession ever since, and 
I have paid their taxes and clothed them and now I consider them my property, 
and at my disposal. and I have taken my son James. C. Bighams four children 
(vis) Caroline, Henry, John, and Mary. To do for them during my Lifetime. It is 
my desire and will that these four children above named, (being minors) shall 
have their fathers equal share of my personal Estate with the other Heirs, at 
my Decease (or when) the property is divided, and my desire is that the two 
female children should Live with the other Heirs and that the two boys be put 
to trades by my executors, untill they will be able to support themselfes. 

Item, I give and bequeath to my son James C. Bighams Widow. one dollar of my 
Estate to be her full share of my Estate both real and personal forever, 

Item I give and bequeath to my son Joshua. H. Bigham now Living in the State of 
Georgia, one dollar of my Estate to be his full share of my Estate both real and
personal forever. 

Item I allow after my Decease my executors to pay all my Just debts out of my 
Estate, and then it is my will and desire that the whole of my personal property 
consisting of negroes stock of Horses Cattle Hogs and sheep, with all my 
household and kitchen furniture, and plantation tools and all other personal 
property of whatsoever name or description it may be of, to be kept on the 
plantation for the use and support of my Wife Margaret Bigham, and of the 
family that may Live with her, and I do allow the crop that may be on the 
plantation at my Decease, and all that is made on the plantation, during the 
Life of my. Wife Margaret. Bigham to be for the support of her and the family 
that Lives with her, and at the Death of my Wife Margaret Bigham, I allow the 
whole of my personal property that then may be in being, to be divided into equal 
shares, (or to) be sold at Public auction, as the Executors may think best. and 
the moneys arising from the sale to be divided into equal shares among the 
following named Heirs (vis) Elizabeth Bigham. Margaret, Bigham Ann Gregg during 
her Lifetime. And then her portion to be divided among her children equally, 
Mary Ann, L. Bigham Joanna R. Hall, Samuel. E. Bigham and Leonard. S. Bigham 
and James C. Bighams four Children to draw their Fathers share of the same, I 
Leave and bequeath the same to their Heirs and assigns forever, and I allow my 
Executors to keep the part that belongs to James. C. Bighams Children. And Lay 
it out to the best advantage for them, and to Let them have it as they stand in 
need of it. 

Item. At the Death of my Wife  Margaret Bigham, I allow my tract of Land 
containing two hundred and sixty seven acres to be owned and possessed 
between by four Daughters. 

Item. I. Give and bequeath to my Daughter Ann Gregg during her Lifetime. sixty 
seven acres of the south west of my tract of Land where she now resides, and 
at her Death to be owned and possessed by her children. 

Item. The remaining two hundred acres I wish to remain in a body for the use 
and benefit of my three Daughters (vis)  Elizabeth, Margaret. and Mary, to 
Live on it their Lifetime, and if they should die without Children then their 
claim to go to the other Heirs. 

Item, it is my desire and will that all of the crop that is on the plantation 
at the Death of my Wife Margaret Bigham. be for the use and divided among the 
heirs that owns the Land. 

Item, lastly I constitute and appoint my two sons Samuel E. Bigham and 
Leonard. S, Bigham. Executors of this my Last Will and Testament, and I do 
hereby revoke and make void all the other wills by me heretofore made, and 
acknowledge this and no other, to be my Last Will and Testament, in Witness 
whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 29th April in the year of our 
Lord one thousand Eight hundred and thirty nine.

Signed sealed and acknowledged )                   John Bigham (SEAL)
In the presence of             )
A. G. Bigham                   )
H. Singletary                  )

Recorded in Will Book 2, Page 64
Recorded Jany. 9, 1844
E. B. Wheeler, Ordinary M. D.
Roll No. 104

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