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Transcribed by Melanie Young, 13 March 2001

Will of Martha Braddy
The State of South Carolina)
Marion District            )
          In the name of God Amen!
     Know all men by these presents that I Martha Braddy of the State and 
District aforesaid being of sound disposing mind, memory and understanding do 
hereby make publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament, hereby 
revoking all other wills and codicils by me heretofore in any manner made.  

Imprimis I wish my body at my death to be buried by my Executors hereinafter 
named in a decent and Christian like manner, and as touching my worldly goods 
and state I hereby dispose of the same as follows ---

First I give devise and bequeath unto my beloved son Tristram B. Braddy the 
plantation or tract of land on which he now resides purchased by me from 
Jeremiah Walter which I have heretofore made over to him by assignment of the 
deed made by said Walter, and also all my right and interest in the tract of 
Land adjoining it which I purchased of said Walter and for which I have his 
deed bearing date the first day of December Eighteen hundred and forty six, 
purporting by said deed to be one hundred and fifty acres, but by resurvey of 
A. Breeden found to contain two hundred and twelve acres.  I also give to my 
said son Tristram B.  his note to me given for said land for one thousand dollars 
bearing date the 18th October Eighteen hundred and forty nine, as well as his 
Bond of the same date in respect of said land, and hereby direct my Executors 
at my death to deliver up to him the said note & Bond & such title deeds for 
said Lands which may be in my possession, but my will is that in case any portion 
of the said last mentioned tract of two hundred and twelve acres be recovered 
from my said son Tristram, that he is not to be entitled to contribution from 
my other children and Legatees for such portion so lost.  I also give to my 
son Tristram six meat hogs.

Item 2.  To my beloved Son William W. Braddy I give devise and bequeath one negro  
boy named co?ar in addition to what may hereafter in this will be given him, one 
horse, five cows and calves, seven ploughs & two pair of Gear and also the sum of 
Three thousand five hundred Dollars for the purpose of purchasing him a tract of 
land, the said sum of three thousand five hundred dollars to be made up by my 
Executors out of sums due me at my death, and out of such property not herein 
specifically bequeathed in case the assets and choses in action I may have be 
not sufficient to make up that amount.  I also give to William twenty five head 
of hogs and two young cattle.

Item 3.  To my beloved son Robert B. Braddy I give devise and bequeath bequeath 
the plantation on which I live containing four hundred and forty mares more or 
less, part of which was allotted to me a part of which I purchased in the 
division of my husband's Estate, and also the tract of Land on the north side 
of Sweat Swamp containing three hundred and sixty acres more or less adjoining 
Lands of Robert ?. Homer, and opposite & adjoining the lands on which I reside 
I have given to my said son Robert, being all the Lands I own over and north of 
said Swamp.  I also give my said son Robert on Negro Girl named Hannah, in 
addition to the share I hereafter may leave him of my slaves, also, one horse 
four mules, five cows and calves, two beds and furniture, all my plantation tools 
and farming utensils not herein before disposed of such as ploughs, goat carts, 
wagons, blacksmith tools, soo forth to him his heirs and assigns forever, also 
all my stock of cattle not herein mentioned and bequeathed, and all my stock of 
hogs except six, herein given to Tristram & twenty five to William.

Item 4.  To my beloved daughter Harriet Evans I give and bequeath in addition to 
equal share of my slaves hereinafter mentioned, a Negro Girl named Adaline 
during her natural life, and at her death to such children as she may leave 
surviving her, and in case my said daughter die without leaving lawful issue 
her surviving, my will is in such case for said slave and her increase to 
return & become a part of my Estate and divided between my children now living 
or their legal representatives, if they be then dead.Item 5.  To my two 
grand daughters Martha E. McKay and Ellen L. McKay I give and bequeath a Negro 
girl named Milly and it is my will in respect to said Slave, that in case 
either of my said Grand daughters die without leaving lawful issue her surviving 
that said slave and her increase shall go to the surviver and in case both of my 
said grandchildren should die without leaving lawful issue surviving, that then 
said slave and her increase shall return & become a part of my Estate & be 
disposed of in the same manner as in provided for in the bequest to my daughter 
Harriet in the proceding clause of this my ??

Item 6. All the rest of my Negro slaves not herein specifically mentioned and 
bequeathed, I desire to be equally divided after my death betwixt my children, 
Elisabeth Williams, Harriet Evans, Tristram B. Braddy, William W. Braddy, 
Robert Braddy, Martha E. McKay and Ellen L. McKay the two last named children 
to have but one share, the portion falling to my two daughters Elisabeth and 
Harriet respectively, I hereby subject to the same restrictions and 
limitations, as is mentioned in the bequest of the slave Adaline to daughter 
Harriet in the fourth item of this my will, and the portion which my two 
grand daughters are to Draw to wit Martha E. McKay and Ellen L. McKay I subject 
to the same restrictions (?)and limitations as is contained in the gift to 
them of the Negro girl Mille.

Item 7. I further will and desire that the amount due me by my deceased, 
Luton C. Braddy as well as the share to which I am entitled out of his Estate 
shall go to my son William to assist in making up the sum of thirty five 
hundred Dolours given my son William in the second Item or clause of this will, 
as I intend that to constitute a part of the said sum of money.

Item 8.  To my son William I also give three hundred bushels of corn, four 
blade stucks of fodder, and the hogs I have given him I mean to consist of two 
cows and pigs and the balance meat hogs.

Item 9. To my son Robert I give all the rest of my growing crop of what Kind 
soever it may & all that may be now gathered, and this provision together with 
the rest I have given my said son Robert is intended as a satisfaction of what 
I am due him on the purchase of Land & otherwise, as for the affection I bear 
him in common with my other children.

Item 10.  All the rest and residue of my Estate not herein specifically dispose 
of I give to be equally divided betwixt my children Elisabeth, Harriet, 
Tristram, William, Robert, and my two grand children Martha E. & Ellen L. McKay 
(the two latter children drawing one share.

Lastly I hereby constitute and appoint my two sons Tristram B. Braddy, 
Robert B. Braddy and my friend W. W. Harllee Executors to this my last will 
and testament ---

     In Witness Whereof I have hereunto affixed my hand and seal this third day 
of October AD Eighteen hundred and fifty three.

Signed sealed published and declared by                )
the testator as her last will and testament            )        her
in presence of me who subscribed the same              ) Martha X Braddy (SEAL)
in the presence of testatrix and in presence of        )        mark
each other the words and his acknowledgement for       )
two hundred Dollars of the same date in nineteenth     )
line from top of first page erased before signed       )

A. W. Bethea
S. M. Stevenson
D. W. Bethea
Recorded in Will Book 2, Page 166
Recorded October 18, 1853
Roll No. 1084

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