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Transcribed by Roberta Hayes King, 9 Mar 2000


In the Name of God amen I Samuel Brown of Marion District in the State of South Carolina Being weak in Body but of Sound mind & memory do make and ordain this to be my Last will & Testament in Mannor & Form Following-

First I give to my Son William Brown four Negroes (Dick, Flander, Jenny & child Sylvia) Also four horses (Sorrel, Larry, Fanny & her colt)-

Secondly, I give to my son John Brown Six Negroes (Amos, Selah & her four Children to wit Aniky, Rolin, Amy & Cloe) Also three Horses (Crop, Button & Fly) and three Volumns of Doctor Gill on the New Testament-

Thirdly, I give to my son James Brown Three head of Horses to wit Charlotte & her two colts-

Fouthly I give to my two sons William & John Brown Jointly the Log-Carriage & Waggon & my Lands in Marborough District Excepting Six Tracts or parcels Mentioned in the fifth paragraph and I also Except one third of the profits of the Saw & Grits mills Six years for the benefit of my wife & Children I had by her, they bearing one-third of the Mills Expenses-

Fifthly I give to my wife Rachel Brown & the children I had with her Six Tracts or parcels of Land in Marborough district Vis first the upper part of a Five Hundred Acre tract Granted to me the 4th September 1786 Situate on Muddy Creek Including fifty acres that I bought of Thomas Majors Known by the name of David Lecs mill, divided by a Line running South from the mouth of the Reedy Branch acrofs muddy Creek taking in all the Land above the Reedy branch Second a five hundred Acre tract on Nilsens Bay Except what I sold out of it to Lemuel Burket & John Townsend thirdly a Tract of Eighty Acres on the Three-Creeks Bought of Benjamin Tounsend Fourthly a Tract on the three-Creeks bought of Mr Corgill, Fifthly a tract of Two Hundred Acres Bought of Matthew Murfee, Sixthly a Tract of Two hundred Acres on Nilsens Bay bought of Burrel Whittington ( which Six tracts or parcels of Land is Excepted in the fourth paragraph) I Likewise give to my wife & Children Last mentioned All the rest of my Estate both real & personal & to be divided equally to each of my Children as they become of Age-

My Wife Rachel Brown I appoint as Executrix & George McCall & my two Sons William and John Brown Executors of this my last will & Testament fully Confiding in their Honor & Integrity to Execute the Same according to the true intent & meaning thereof, In witnefs whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this 22nd day of January in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight Hundred and five

Signed Sealed & Acknowledged
To be my Last will & Testament in
the presence of - - - - - - - - - - -

         Sam.. Brown (SEAL)
John C. Gourly
John Wright                             Also My will 
                                        and Desire is 
Alex(rd)? Wmson                         that Mr Moses Sanders                    
                                        Should be one of the Exrs.

Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 35
Recorded September 30, 1841
Ed, B. Wheeler, Ordy, M.D.
Role No 63

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