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Transcribed by Betty Jo Stewart, 11 March 2001


The State of South Carolina ) In the name of God Amen I John Dozer
Marion District ) being weak in body but in sound mind and memory and Knowing that it is allotted once for all men to die do make ordain and constitute this my last Will and Testament. In the first place I recommend my Soul to God and my body I resign to my Mother earth from whence it Sprang to be entered in decent manner at the discretion of my Executors and touching such worldly Estate so I may die pofsefsed of I give devise and dispose of in manner and form following

Imprimis To my beloved wife Ann Dozer. I give the use of a certain tract of land which I purchased of Joseph Brown. And whereon I now Reside during the term that she may remain my widow Provided she continue to reside on the land. and live in the dwelling house where I now live. And it my will that my wife work nor cause to be worked no other Hands on the said plantation than what she may be legally pofsefsed of in her own right and that there be not any more timber cut on the land than what may be sufficient for the use of the plantation

2nd I furthermore give to my wife Ann Dozer all and singular all goods and Chattels that I might have Inherited from the Estate of Benjamin Davis her father

Item I give and bequeath Ann Dozer One Large Leather Trunk and my riding chair

3rd It is my will and desire that every gift deed and Legacy that I have heretofore made do Stand in full force agreeable to the face of the same

4th It is my will that my negro slaves that I have not made deeds for together with their future Increase be and they are hereby desired to be divided amongst my four children Viz. Leonard, John, Elizabeth and James Dozer. Share and Share alike. But in case either of my children aforesaid should die without leaving lawful ifsue of their body it is then my desire that his her or their parts of my Estate be equally divided amongst all my other children or their lawful ifshue.

5th It is my will and desire that all my personal Estate including Stock of all Kinds Household and Kitchen furniture plantation tools and Implements of Husbandry be equally divided amongst my four children Leonard John Elizabeth and James Dozer

6th I give unto my two sons Leonard and James Two tracts of land One tracts containing by Resurveys Sixteen hundred and one acres Being par of a tracts originally Granted to Samuel Magg for two thousand acres and lately conveyed to me by the said Leonard Dozer situate on Fox Island and Negro Lake Swamps One other tract Containing fife hundred acres of being one other part of the Said Grant of Two thousand acres and purchased by me from Col. Hugh Giles to be by them divided as they may think most convenient for themselves

7th I give unto my son John Dozer and my daughter Elizabeth Dozer the Six following Tracts of land One conveyed to me by Joseph Brown Containing One hundred and fifty acres One other conveyed to me by Gavin Witherspoon containing Four hundred and fifty acres One other conveyed to me by Joseph Davis containing two hundred acres One other granted to me containing One hundred and fifty acres One other granted me containing Twenty two and one half acres One other conveyed to me by Stephen Shackelford containing nine acres Reserving to my wife Ann Dozer Such privileges as is herein before Stated to the tract of land whereon I now live

8th It is my that my son Abraham Dozer shall have all the money arising from the sale of two negros already (sold struck out) by him sold and Known by the names Naptune and Sim Except one hundred and Eighty Dollars which he has paid me

Item I give unto my son Abraham Dozer my singlo riding chair or Sulky and harnefs

9th It is also my will that my son Abraham Dozer be paid Four hundred Dollars in manner following: By my son Leonard Dozer One Hundred Dollars. By my son John Dozer One Hundred Dollars By my son James Dozer One hundred Dollars and By my daughter Elizabeth Dozer One hundred Dollars But that he shall not be entitled to receive this sum of Four hundred dollars Untill my son John and Daughter Elizabeth shall receive into their pofsefsion all the Real Estate that I have by this my will given them

10th It is also my will that my son Abraham Dozer be exempted from the payment of any part of the debts-dues-or demands that is or may be incurred on my Estate

11th And lastly it is my will and desire that my three sons Leonard John and James Dozer be and are hereby nominated appointed and declared to be my Executors to this my last Will and Testament disannulling all Instuments of writing heretofore made by me for this purpose. Made Sealed and Signed this Eighteenth day of April in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred seven Signed Sealed pronounced and declared by the said John Dozer. as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us and at his request and in the presence of each other hath hereunto Subscribed our names

John Dunnum                     John Dozer
Isacher Foxworth
Mary Ann Lewis

Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 45
Original Will Missing
Proved January 25, 1808
Sam Cooper, Ordy M. D.
Role No. 224

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