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Contributed by Jo Church Dickerson, 6 May 2000


     In the name of God Amen, I, Preserved Ford of the State of South
     Carolina District of Marion, being very weak in body, but of sound
     disposing mind and memory and knowing it is appointed to him once
     to die, do make this my last will and testament

     First, it is my desire that all my just debts be paid and the
     legacies delivered as soon after my decease as my ex'ors can attend
     to the same.

     Second, I give and bequeath to my wife Celia Ford all that tract of
     land or plantation situated in the Dist. of Marion on Bear Swamp
     known by the name of Hen Coop ford containing one hundred acres,
     more or less, also one negro girl by the name of SARAH; one horse
     and chai(r?) and harness, two feather beds and furniture and one
     ladies riding saddle. I also will and desire that my executors
     shall as soon after my decease as possible, build for my wife
     Celia, a comfortable dwelling house on the land above bequested to
     her and also put the plantation in order for cultivation. It is my
     further will and desire that my son Charles Ford do execute a deed
     or conveyance for the above mentioned tract of land (or) quit claim
     to said wife as the titles are now in his name, which if done by
     him, I give and bequeath to my son Charles all that plantation or
     tract of land where I now live containing six hundred acres more or
     less together with my saw and grist mill and all the improvements
     on the same, but should my said son refuse to execute the title in
     maner and form aforesaid then in that case, my said wife Celia has
     permission to remain on the plantation during his refusal.
     I also give, desire and bequeath to my said son Charles and to his
     heirs and assigns forever, one negro fellow named Ben, one negro
     girl named Amy (Anny?), also two feather beds and furniture. I also 
     give to my daughter Mary Floyd one feather bed to her & her heirs
     forever. I wish it distinctly understood that whereas my son Jesse
     Ford and myself having become security for the payment of one
     hundred twenty-five dollars to Willes Barfield, now therefore I
     desire that the negroes above mentioned, intended for my son
     Charles, be subject to the payment and that no other heirs portion
     is to be taken to discharge the same.

     It is my will and desire that all the rest of my personal property
     of every description, among which are four negroes, Laban, Sam,
     Jack, and Betty, with all my stock of cattle, horses, hogs, be sold
     by my ex'ors, hereafter named, with all the balance of the
     household and kitchen furniture, for a division among my sons and
     daughters, to wit: George, James, Thomas, Cooper, Preserved, Jesse,
     Jes Rawls, John, William, and Francis Floyd and my wife Celia Ford,
     share and share alike with the exception of thirty dollars worth of
     furniture to my son Charles Ford.

     Lastly, I nominate, constitute, and appoint my sons, Jesse Ford and
     William Ford ex'ors of this my last will and testament, hereby
     revoking all others. In testimony wereof I have hereunto set my
     hand and seal, this the 20th of March Anno Domini 1829.
                                               Preserved Ford   (seal)
     Signed, sealed, published, pronounced
     and delivered in the presence of:
     C.J.W. McCall, Dan'l H. Davis, Benj'n S. Davis

     Were subscribing witnesses to the same in the presence of each
     other and in the presence of the testator and at his request.
     Daniel H. Davis and Benj. S. Davis certified to the same.

     Sworn to before me 6 April 1829   G.J.W. McCall
                                       Daniel H. Davis
                                       Benj. S. Davis
                      Edw. B. Wheeler, Ordy.

     Recorded Feby 4, 1830, Book 1, Page 212

Transcribed by Jo Church Dickerson, 1993.

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