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Transcribed by Victoria Proctor, 26 March 2001

                                                             Page 225

                              WILL OF

                       JOSEPH GREAVES
                                     Geo.Town So. Car Debr 6th 1829

Knowing the shortnefs of life & certainty of death I make this my last will
& Testament in the Name of the Lord Amen

          First I give & bequeth to my eldest Son Jno M. Greaves, The
Following named Negroes - Mary - Eson, Sherry & their increase, Second - I
give & bequath to my second Son Jo.s B. Greaves The Following Negroes viz -
Big Herid - Virgila, her child & Caswele - Third to my Daughter Charlotte I
give & bequath the following Negros viz - Little Hariet, Melsey, Nelly &
their increase - Fourth - To my son S. A. Decaturs Greaves - The follow-
ing Negros & their increase - Larry & Ginney - fifth to my daughter A. D.
Greaves the following named Negros & their increase - Florrence & Betty -
Sixth - To W. F. Greaves I give & bequath the following negros & their
increase, Lawson & Lionzer The Residue of my Negros I give to my beloved
Wife Mary B. Greaves & my dughter Mary Jane Greaves during their natural
life - then to be equally devided among my Children - I also give & be-
quath to each of my children when of age a Bed & furnature - & also I give
to my beloved wife & daughter afforsaid all my Resl estate - during their
life as afforsaid & then to Return to my lawfull heirs to be equally de-
vided - during the life time of my wife & daughter afforsaid - the Children
are to remain with them during pleasure - and further should aney of my
Children be so unfortunate as to loose a negro before they come of age.
they are to be replaced by my executors from the Residue of my Negros- as
afforsaid given to my Wife & Daughter - I also, appoint my Son John. M.
Greaves, Jo.s B. Greaves, Francis Greaves & James I. Richardson to be my
lawfull executors of this my last will & Testament, in Testimony whereof I
now assign my Hand & Seal in presence of these

         Witnefses -----                      Joseph Greaves (SEAL)

         Peter E. Greves
         Shadk S. Gasque
         James I. Richardson

It is also my request that IF any of my Children die without lawfull ishue
that their Property Recv.d, from me be equally devided among my surviveing

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Witnefses                                           Joseph Greaves (SEAL) 
Peter E. Graves 
ShadK S. Gasque 
James I. Richardson 

Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 217 
Sworn to April 9, 1830 
Edw.d B. Wheeler, Ordinary M. D. 
Roll No. 357 

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