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Transcribed by Jo Church Dickerson, 25 Feb 2000


Marion County, South Carolina 
Probate Roll #357

Enclosure #1 
Will of B. Harrelson
Fold side:
Est. of Benj. Harrelson -
Proved will -
qualified -
Dougal Carmichael, Executor - - 
granted Letters of appraisemít
Letters & Probate
5 Oct 1840
Ed. B. Wheeler, Ordinary

In the name of God Amen.  I Benjamin Harrelson of the 
District of Marion in the State of South Carolina being in 
perfect Health of mind but weak in body Considering the 
Infirmity of my age.  and calling to mind the Mortality of 
this Body and that it is appointed for all men once to die 
do therefore make and constitute this my last Will & 
Testament. But first of all I commit my spirit into the hands 
of God my Creator from whence I first recd. my being 
nothing doubting but I shall receive the same again at the 
great day of the Resurrection of Quick and Dead and be 
again received by the Almighty power of God:  as for such 
Worldly Goods as it hath pleased God of his great goodness 
to endow me with I do hereby dispose of in the following 
manner. That is to say after my Just Debts and Funeral 
Charges are all paid.

I Tem.
I give and bequeath unto my well beloved wife SUSANNAH 
Harrelson Fifty Acres of Land whereon I now live with the 
crop of Corn pease and Fodder & potatoes - also one 
Feather Bed and furniture and oxen one Sorrel mare about 
Ten? years old one Iron - Bound Cart - nine head of Sheep 
& also another Feather Bed & furniture also all my  Hogs - 
also all my plantation Tools with all my household and 
kitchen Furniture with her the said Susannah Harrelson to 
remain during her natural life then after her said Susannahs 
Death the above property or its proceeds to be equally 
Divided between my Three Daughters namely ELIZABETH, 
JANE, and MARTHA, with them their Heirs and Assigns 
forever to remain.

I give unto my son STEPHEN Harrelson one Dollar with him to 
remain forever - I also Give unto my Son LEVI Harrelson one 
Dollar with him to remain forever.  also I give unto my 
Daughter Nancy CRIBB one dollar - I also Give and bequeath 
unto the Lawful Heirs of my Daughter Sarah LEE one Dollar 
with them forever to remain.  Also I give unto the Heirs of my 
Daughter Isabel JOHNSON One dollar with them forever to remain.  
I also Give one Dollar unto my Son BENJAMIN. I also Give unto 
my Daughter Mary GALE One dollar with her forever to remain  
also I give unto my son TIMOTHY One dollar with him to remain 
forever  also I give unto my Daughter Elizabeth One Cow & Calf 
with her forever to remain  I also Give unto my Daughter Jane 
one Cow & Calf with her to remain forever -

And I do Hereby Nominate Constitute and Appoint Dougal 
Carmichael and Jonathan Lewis to be my true and Lawful 
Executors to this my last will and Testament & Denying all 
other Wills and Testaments heretofore made signed or 
Executed by me in any wise Ratify and Confirming this 
and no other to be my last Will and Testament in Witness 
whereof I do hereby set my hand and seal
September the 15th 1840.                                                  
                                            Benjamin  "B"  Harrelson   {seal}
Witness:                                              mark
Dougal Carmichael, J.P.
Jonathan Lewis
Daniel Carmichael

(Benjaminís mark is clearly a very feeble "B" laying on its side, 
that is, the loops are facing downward. -jcd)

South Carolina }   Dougal Carmichael and Jonathan Lewis, 
Marion District }   Personally appeared before me, and 
made Oath that they were present and saw the within named 
Testator sign Seal & publish pronounce and declare The 
within instrument of writing for the purpose therein Contained, 
as his last will and Testament and that said Testator was then 
of sound disposing mind and memory to the best of these 
deponents Knowledge and belief, and that Daníl Carmichael 
together with them selves, subscribed their names as witnessed.

Sworn to before me                                  Dougal Carmichael
5 Octr. 1840                                           Jonathan Lewis
Ed. B. Wheeler
Ordinary of 
Marion District
                            The Same Time qualified Dougal Carmichael 
                             Executor of this will.
                             Ed. B. Wheeler
                             Ordinary of Marion 

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