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Transcribed by Mildred Venitucci, 5 March 2001


"This is the last will and Testament of me, B.K. Henagan of Marion District,
State of S.C., as follows:

        lst--I give and set apart the following named negroes to my beloved wife
Anna Mariah Henagan, namely Harry and his two sons, Henry & Wesley, Juda,
his wife, old Simon and his wife, Cally, Dolly, Long Juda, Prissey, Ledda,
Cate, Mariah, Phoebe, Chloe, Flora, Hatway, Elisa, Solomon and Clarissa--the
above named negroes I give to my beloved wife during the term of her natural
life, and after the death of my beloved wife, then it is my will and desire
that all of the above named negroes together with their increase, shall be
equally divided share and share alike, among my children, among my six
children, vis: Jas H. Henagan, Andrew B. Henagan, Robert Y. Henagan, Alice
G., Mary A., and Samuel I.G.

        2nd--I also give to my beloved wife Anna Mariah Henagan eight head of
horses to be selected from my stock of horses on my Catfish plantation, the
eight head of horses not to exceed in value $600.  I further give my beloved
wife 20 head of cattle and hogs to be taken from my stock onthe Catfish
plantation.  I further give my beloved wife one wagon and harness, one cart,
the household and kitchen furniture on the Catfish plantation, also one half
of all the plantation tools and farming implements that I may leave on my
Catfish plantation.  All the property given in this 2nd clause to my beloved
wife shall be subject to the same restrictions and limitations contained in
the first clause, vis: that my beloved wife shall have and enjoy the same
during her natural life and at her death to be divided among my six children
as in the first clause, share and share alike.

        3rd--I give and bequeath to my two sons, James H. Henagan and Andrew B.
Henagan all that tract or plantation of land lying & situated in the
District of Marlborough and State of S.C. known as the Cannon land.

        4th--I give and bequeath to my son Robert Y. Henagan the tract or
plantation of land known as the Grove land, also the land

        5th--It is my will and desire that all my personal property of whatsoever
kind or description shall be equally divided among my six children mentioned
in the lst clause on the lst page, equally, share and share alike, the
shares received by my four sons I give to them, absolutely, and the share
set apart for my two daughters Alice and Mary and upon their marriage the
property to be received shall be in no way responsible for the debts
existing that may be contracted by their husbands and if either of my
above-named daughters shall die leaving no issue surviving them, then and in
that event I desire that their share or shares shall revert back to my other
children, or if any of them is dead then to the issue, the child or children
of my deceased child or children to receive the portion the parent would
have been entitled to if living.

        6th--It is my will and desire that the crops made on the lands shall pay my
debts.  But in the event that the proceeds arising from the crops and
otherwise are not sufficient then I desire my Executors, hereinafter named,
to dispose of a sufficiency of personal property to pay the same or if my
Executors think best, they are empowered to sell the part or the whole of
the land, given to my son Robert Y. Henagan if the Executors should in their
judgement dispose of a part or the whole of the lands above described given
to my son, Robert Y. Henagan then and in that case I devise my son Robert
shall be entitled out of myy personal property over and above his
distributive share the amount the land may sell for above specified.

        8th--It is my will and desire that my son J.H. Henagan shall retain the
distributive share of my son, Samuel I.G.Henagan as long as he may remain
living with Major Samuel F. Gibson and in the event that Maj. Samuel F.
Gibson shall by will or otherwise give to my son S.I.G.Henagan property to
the value or exceeding the value of his distributive share of my estate
then, and in that event, I desire that the distributive share of my son
S.I.G. Henagan given in lst and 5th caluses shall become part of my estate
and be divided among my other five children equally, share and share alike,
the shares of my two daughters Alice and Mary be entitled to on such division
shall be subject the same restrictions and limitations on the property given
them in the 5th clause.

        9th--Lastly, I appoint my son J.H. Henagan, John W. Henagan*, and Jas. J.
Harlee Executors to this (dated 1854).

                                B.K.Henagan (SEAL)

WITNESSES; Jas A. Peterkin, A. W. Bethea, Darby Henagan.  James J. Harlee
and James H. Henagan then qualified as its executors."

*John W. Henagan is his nephew, Col. John Henagan, of Kershaw's Brigade

Ann Maria Wickham Ellerbee was the 2nd wife of Barnabas Kelet Henegan. 

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