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Transcribed by Betty Jo Stewart, 10 May 2001

Be it Known, to, all, men, by these, presents, that I Robert Hinds, of. the 
State of South Carolina and District, of Marion, Planter, have, made, and, 
declared, this my last Will and Testament, in writing. bearing. date, this 
Eleventh, day of June, in, the year of Our Lord, One Thousand Eight, hundred, 
and seventeen.
I do ratify, and. confirm, this my last. will, and, Testament, And do-Further, 
nominate, Ordain, and chose, for. my true, and. Lawfull, Executrix and 
Executors, My beloved, wife, Martha, Hinds, Dawson, Hinds and, Restor Hinds
After, my death, I do gave, and bequeath, unto, my beloved, wife Martha Hinds, 
all My real, & Personal, Estate, After paying. and, discharging, all my Just. 
debts, that is to say the Plantation whereon I now reside, and all other. 
pofsefsons, that. I may lawfully Claim, at, this date, also. all my, slaves or 
Negroes namely, Hanna_  Ned, Poosa, Clapa Peter, Jack, Sylvia, Rose, Sam and, 
Philip,  Together. with all, my stock of Cattle Hogs. Sheep and. Horses. 
Househould, and Kitchen. furniture, for and during her widowhood, ---But in 
case, she, should, Marry, before, my Two children, Ann, Elizabeth Hinds. and 
Juliann, come to the age of Eighteen, years, or, otherwise, Marry, or if she 
the said, Martha, Hinds my wife, ever Marrys. after my decease, I do, request 
and Disire my Brothers. who, I. have selected. for .  executors, say Dawson 
Hinds and Restor Hinds, to take, into their quiet and. Peacable Pofsefsion, 
all. the above, specified,--Lands, And Negroes, together with, all. the Stock, 
and furniture, of her Pofsefsion, and, debarr. her from acting. any longer, as 
an, Executor or in any wise. whatever /after her, marriage.
Neverthelefs, if, the said, Martha Hinds, shall, continue, in her widowhood she, 
shall, enjoy. all the benefits, and Priviledges, as before mentioned, at Her, 
opption, or. discrefsion--And in case, the, said, Martha, Hinds, should decease, 
before, the, said children named, Ann E., Hinds. and, Juliann, comes to years of. 
Eighteen, or marry I do, further, request and disire the said. Dawson Hinds, and 
Restor Hinds to Rent, our, all my lands, and, Pofsefsions. to. the highest, 
Bidder, also. my negroes I wish hired out each and every, year,after, the decease 
of their Mother Untill they come to the years, of discefsion, and, the Profits, 
arising, therefrom To be appropriated, to the Schooling Supporting, and 
Maintaining. the Said, Ann, E. Hinds. and, Juliann, Hinds.
In witnefs. whereof I have hereunto set my hand, and seal The, day & Year above, 
In the Presence of us----                                     R. D. Hinds   (SEAL)
Baker Wiggins                                                     mark
Ouson. Hinds
Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 112
Recorded July 18, 1818
Thos. Harllee, Ordy M. D.
Roll No. 372

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