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Transcribed by Helen Moody, 31 Aug 2000


South Carolina 
Marion District   

In the name of God, I, Aaron Martin of the District and State aforesaid do make 
this my last will and testament.  First I give and recommend my soul to God who 
gave it. My body to be buried in a decent Christian manner and as touching such 
worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with I dispose of in the 
following manner.

To my beloved wife Elizabeth Martin I leave during her natural life all that 
Plantation or tract of land with the improvements thereon, on which I now live, 
on the east side of Maidendown Swamp, containing about one hundred a fifty acres, 
allowing her full and free privilege to cultivate all, or any portion of the land.  
I also loan to her the use of a certain Negro girl by the name of Chloe during her 
life aforesaid and give to her all my household and kitchen furniture, all my bacon 
and corn on hand at the time of my death, fourteen head of cattle, twenty head of 
hogs and one horse and also the sum of on hundred dollars to be paid as follows 
to wit twenty five dollars a year.

To my son Emanuel, and to his children I give the property mentioned in a deed, 
executed ,on the 20 Jan 1841 and I do hereby ratify and confirm the same.
To my son Aaron Martin, and to his children I ratify and confirm the deed executed 
on the 20 Jan 1841.

To my daughter Mary Stephens, and her children I give the property mentioned 
in a deed, executed on the 20 Jan 1841 .  I also give her the sum of fifty 
dollars to be paid whenever applied for.

To my daughter Olivia I give the sum of two hundred dollars to be paid fifty 
dollars annually.

To my daughter Mourning Flowers I give the sum of fifty dollars to be paid 
when applied for.

To my son Matthew Martin after the death of my said wife and to his children 
I give the land leaned to her, ratifying and confirming a deed executed 
20 Jan 1842

Upon the death of my said wife I give to my three sons Matthew, Emanuel and 
Aaron Martin and to their children the negroe girl Chloe and her increase said, 
negroe  Chloe and increase to be equally divide  between them by a sale and the 
proceeds divided accordingly.

It is my particular desire that my said sons should assist my said wife in the 
management of said negro Chloe and enjoin upon them all to live in peace one 
with another and I sincerely hope no dispute will be among them concerning my 
worldly estate.

Lastly as the land I now live on is given to Matthew Martin I appoint him 
executor of this will and enjoin him particularly to attend  the assistance 
of his Mother the said Elizabeth Martin in the management of her farm and 
the negoe, Cloe aforesaid

Witness my hand and seal Sixth day of May 1841       His mark   Aaron Martin

Witnessed  Matthew Martin (his mark), James Bryan, ED B Wheeler
Recorded in will book 8 page 53 

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