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Transcribed by Donali Howell, 4 Jun 2001

                                 WILL OF

                                JOHN SMITH

In the Name of God Amen. I John Smith of Liberty County Georgetown District

in the State of South Carolina, being in Perfect health both of Body and

Mind, Considering the infirmity of my Age,  thanks be to Almighty God for

the Same, But calling to Mind the Mortallity of this Body, and that it is

appointed for all Men once to die, do therefore Make and Constitute this

my last will and Testament, But first of all I commit my Spirit into the hands

of God, My Creator, from whom I first received my being, nothing Doubting 

but I Shall receive the Same Again at the Great day of the Resurrection of

Quick and Dead, and be again Reunited by the Almighty power of God. And as

for such worldly goods as it hath Pleased God, of his Great Goodnefs, to 

endow me with, I do hereby dispose of in Manner and form following. that is

to say after My Just Debts and funeral Charges are all well satisfyed and

paid-  Item I Give and Bequeath unto my Well beloved Wife Mary Smith One

negro woman named Pegg Two Hundred Acres of Land lying & Being on the N East

side of Buck Swamp, which I bought of William Parker, One Riding Mare, Saddle,

and bridle Four Cows and Calves & one year old Heifer, Thre Sows & Piggs

Supposed to be twenty Head Swine, 1 Feather Bed and Furniture, And a Lott of

Pewter worth Seven Pounds St.g. to her only use and behoof to hold unto her
the Sd Mary Smith and her heirs Afsigns forever-- Item I Give and Bequeath

unto my Eldest Son Samuel Smith six Hundred and fifty Acres of Land in Five

tracts all Joining One of another lying and being on the Gully and Buck

Swamp Mostly Granted in my Own name except one fifty acre Tract which I pur-

chased of William Harr.lson and another which came out in the name of William

Roseyear being a Bounty which I purchased, & also one Feather Bed and Furni-

ture seven Head of Stock Cattle & thirty Head of Sheep, to Hold unto him the 

sd Samuel Smith and to his heirs & afsigns in Perpetual Succefsion absolutely

for Ever-- Item I Give and Bequeath unto my Son John Smith Two Hundred and 

fifty acres of Land whereon he now lives which he is to give me, One Hundred

Pounds St.g to be paid to my Daughter Mary Buckholls in Country Produce as

he Shall think most proper agreable to her necefsity, Also Four Hundred acres

of Land Lying and Being on the N East side of Little Peedee which I purchased

of John Clarke, one Negro lad named Hall and Eighteen Head of Stock Cattle

to Hold unto him the said John Smith and to his heirs & afsigns in perpetual


Succefsion of ages to Come actually For Ever -- Item I Give and Bequeath

unto my Son James Smith Seven Hundred & Fifty acres of Land which I pur-
chased of Benjamin Harralson Jun lying & being on the N East side of Buck

Swamp also One Hundred acres of Land lying on or near Catfish Joining on

the East side of a Survey of Two Hundred Acres which Joins Wraggs Land

Granted in my Own Name Two Mares or horses six head of Stock Cattle Twenty

head Swine one Feather Bed & Furniture and a Set of Black Smiths Tools, 

to Hold unto Him the said James Smith & to his heirs & Afsigns in perpetual

Succefsion of Ages to come absalutely For Ever -- Item I Give & Bequeath

unto my Daughter Anne Berry One Negro woman named Dinah which she had in

her Own Pofsefsion and Also one Hundred and Four Acres of Land on Catfish

whereon Joseph Jones and one Bryant now lives on being two tracts nearly

Joining One of another Sixty seven acres in One Tract and thirty seven in

the Other One Horse or Mare Fifteen head of Stock Cattle Ten head of Stock

Hoggs One Feather Bed & Furniture a Lott of Pewter to be worth Ten pounds

& lott plantation Tools to amount of Thirty Eight Shillings to Hold unto
                                   of her body
her the Said Anne Berry & to her heirs/in perpetual Succefsion of Ages to

Come actually For Ever --  Item I Give & Bequeath unto my Daughter Elisabeth

Watson One Tract of Land of Thre Hundred Acres which I Bought of Collins

being the place where Kelly now lives on the Road and Also one Hundred &

Fifty acres Purchased of W. Studdivant lying on the Bay Joining Land held by

Frederick Jones.  Also One Negro woman named Fibb and her Child and Twenty

four head of Stock Cattle To Hold unto her the Said Elisabeth Watson & to
        of her body
her heirs/in perpetual Succefsion of Ages to Come Actually For Ever --

Item I Give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Mary Buckholts One Hundred Pounds

to be paid by the Hands of my Son John Smith in Produce at Market Price as her

Necefsity Shall require as the Last Part of her Portion Item I give & Be-

queath unto my Daughter Sarah Tart, Seven hundred & Fifty acres of Land Join-

ing to the Plantation & Mill Seat whereon I now live being Part of the Re-

maining part of the Old Tract which I purchased of Evan Evans which is One

Hundred & Fifty acres & Six Hundred acres more in Two other tracts all Join-

ing One of another Observing to take off that one Hundred & fifty acres of

the Old Evans Tract on the Sd East side Joining to the other Two Tracts &


next to the woodland part Reserving One Hundred Acres More or lefs of the 

Said Old Evan's Tract for the use of the aforesd Plantation & Mill whereon

I now Live One Negro man named Tom one Negro woman Named Dinah, To Hold 
                                        of her body
unto Her the sd Sarah Tart and to her heirs/in Perpetual Succefsion from

Generation to Generation absalutely and Forever-- Item I Give and Bequeath

Unto my Daughter Martha Fincklea One Hundred Acres of Land which I pur-

chased of George Gibson lying in the west side of Catfish, One Negro man Named

Harry one Horse or Mare Ten Head of Stock Cattle, One Small Negro Girl to
                                                  of her body
Hold unto her the said Martha Fincklea and to her Heirs/in perpetual Suc-

cefsion from Generation to Generation absolutely For Ever -- Item I Give

and Bequeath unto my Daughter Mourning Bryant the Plantation and mill seat

whereon I now Live Containing One Hundred Acres being that Part of the

Tract which I had & purchased of Evan Evans which is Situated at the Dwell-

ings and Mill and One Negro Girl One Horse or Mare, Fourteen Head Stock Cattle,

Twenty Head Stock Hoggs-To Hold unto Her the said Mourning Bryant and to
      of her body
her heirs/in perpetual Succefsion of Ages to Come actually & absalutely

for Ever --  Item I Give and Bequeath unto My Daughter Cealey Harralson

One Negro man named Carolina One Negro Boy named Joe also Five Hundred acres

of Land whereon she now Lives and Granted in my Own Name. Thre Head of bread-

ing Cattle, and Household Goods to amt of fifty four Shillings & nine Pence
                                                              of her Body
St.g. To Hold unto her the said Cealey Harralson and to her heirs/in perpetual

Succefsion of ages to come actually and Absalutely For Ever-- And I do hereby

Nominate, Constitute and appoint my Trusty Friends, my sons Samuel Smith and

John Smith and Eaneas Tart to be my true and Lawful Executors to this my Last

Will and Testament, Denying all other wills or Testaments heretofore made

Signed or executed by me in any wise, Ratifying and Confirming this and no

other to be my Last Will and Testament In Witnefs whereof I have hereunto

Set my hand and seal this Tenth day of June in the Year of our Lord One Thou-

sand Seven Hundred and Ninety Seven
Sighnd Sealed Published Declared                  John HH Smith
In the Presence of ---------

Interlined before afsigned the words

of her Body

John Finkly
John Deer
Peter Keighley

Recorded in Will Book 2, Page 15
                                 ; Recorded Sept. 28th, 1841
                                   E. B. Wheeler, Ordy, M. D.
                                   Roll 721


Transcriber's note: John Smith's mark appears to be two H's written together, or a square with a cross in the middle, in the WPA copy.

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