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Transcribed by L. M. Lasky, 15 Mar 1999


South Carolina
Marion District

In the name of God, I, Moses Smith, Planter of the said district, being of sound mind and in a low state of health and calling to mind that it is appointed for Man once to die and after Death the Judgment Believing with a lively hope that he that first created all things will receive my soule to everlasting life to Passe my God for ever wham I have tried to serve and worship in this world and as for such warldly goods as it hath pleased God to indue Me with I do dispose of in the following manner.

First, it is my request that my body shall be decently burrered and all my funeral charges paid with every Just debt that I may owe at the time of my death, I give unto my beloved wife Hanner Smith one hundred and sixteen acres which I purchased from Wm. Mansill and John Newsom to remain here during her natural life and then to belong to my son Hoses Smith, Jr., also one Mare, Saddle, and Bridle, one Cart, one Cow and Calf, one Sow and pigs, Five head of Sheep, one feather bed and furniture, Kitchen furniture Also my Bible and Hymn Book I give unto my beloved son James D. Smith one hundred and fifty Acres of land, one hundred acres where he now lives Deeded to me by John Ford also Fifty acres which I purchased from William Morgan, also one Cow and calf, one sow and pigs which he has lent I give unto my beloved son Isaiah Smith one hundred and fifty acres of land which I purchased from Benjamin Lewis called the Alagator track, one Bed, one sow and pigs which he has lent I give unto my beloved Son Mases Smith one grey Horse, one bed, one saw and pLgs which I have lent him. I give unto my beloved daughters Sarah Perritt, Anna Bason, and Rachel Steuber one hundred seres of land which I baught from Wm. Mansill which he purchased from John Campbell, executor of Jeremiah Pain. Also one bed to each of them which they have lent. I give unto my beloved daughter Hanner Smith Fifty acres of land granted to me from Wm. Morgan Being part of the track of which I gave my son James Fifty acres, one Feather Bed I give unto my Daughter Drusiller one sow and pigs which she has received one feather bead, also Fifty Acres of land where she now lives after her death to belong to her son Moses. I give unto my beloved daughter Martha Jane Eighty acres of Land Granted to me from Wm. Hill, one bead and furniture. It is my wish that whatever property may be found remaining after the above gifts are satisfied be Sold at the highest bidder and the proceeds equally divided among my Lawfull Hiers and I do hereby nominate and appoint my beloved wife Hanner Smith and my son James D. Smith my Lawfull Executors to this my last will and testament. Rejecting all other wills made by me ratifying and confirming this to be my last will and testament. Signed, sealed and acknowledged this 19th, Septr., 1843 and the Sixty-seventh year of American Independence.

Test: Rachel H. S. Smith
Joseph Britt
John L. Smith

Moses Smith (seal)

Recorded in Will Book 2, p. 87, Recorded September 28, 1847
Edward B. Wheeler, Ordinary M. D.

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