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Transcribed by Victoria Proctor, 23 March 2001

                           WILL OF

                        ANTHONY SWEET

In the name of God Amen I Anthony Sweet of the District of
Marion & State aforesid of State aforesaid being weak of body
but of Sound and disposing mind memory & understanding do
make this my last Will & Testament in manner & form follow-
ing viz 

        I give devise & bequeath unto my son Anthony Sweet
and to the lawfull ishue or heirs of his body One hundred &
fifty acres of land Granted to Joseph Burch One tract of land
of Five hundred acres being part of a tract of land Granted to
John Crop for One thousand acres the third day of Feby 1775
one other piece of land of five Acres being part of a Tract
Granted to Erasmus Rothmahler for Fifty acres & sold by Boat-
wright to me all which said lands lye ajoining & on the N E
side of Catfish & I lend to the said Anthony for & during the
term of his natural life the following negroes Pompey otherwise
caled Will, Peggy, & Ceasar but no longer. and horse. ten head
of Cattle & ten head of sheep & in case. the sd. Anthony Shall
die without leaving lawful ishue or heirs then it is my will
& desire that the portion all alloted to him be equaly divided
between. his Brothers & Sisters

Item I give devise and bequeath unto my daughter Sary Exum
three negroes To witt Prince Mary & Isaac a horse & T_ head
of Cattle & Ten head of sheep which I value at One thousand
dollars which is delivered to her

                                  Item I give devise and be-
queath unto my son Gospero Sweet & to the lawful Ishue &
heirs of his body the following tract of land on Baker I Is-
land Granted to William Herring for Two hundred acres. and
upon my Son Gospero Mariage. or coming to the age of Twenty
one years it is my will & desire that my Executors give unto
him Negroes. One horse. ten head of Cattle & ten head of
sheep to be by them valued at One thousand dollars. for &
during  the term of his natural life & after his death to the
heirs of his body lawfully begotten

                                     Item I give devise & be-
queath unto my daughter Mary Sweet for & during the term of


her natural life & no longer the following negroes namely
George Mariah & her child Peter & after her to the lawful
ifsue of her body also one horse Ten head of cattle & ten
head of sheep the above mentioned property to be given her
& delivered to her on her marriage or on arriving to the
age of Twenty one years

                         Item It is my will & desire that
uppon my two daughters Nancy & Martha Sweet or either of them
being married or arriving at the age of Twenty one years that
my Executors do give to her or them on Mariag. or arriving
to the age of Twenty one years Three negroes. one horse ten
head of Cattle & ten head of sheep. each to the amount of One
thousand Dollars to be valued by my Executors for & during
the term of their natural life & no longer & after her or
their death then to the lawfull ifshue of her or their body
so dying

          Item I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife. the
use wherein I now live & the fifty acres of land on which the
house is built during her natural life if she shall so long
live a Widow & after her death or mariage to my son Silvices
as before stated

                 Item it is my will & pleasure that in case
any of my Children above named Should die under the age of
Twenty one years without lawfull Ishue or heirs of their body
or Bodies then it is my will that their part above allotted to
them or either of them by my Executors or which may be allotted
& delivered to them by my Executors shall go to the surviving
children or Survivors or Survivor

Item It is my will & desire that my plantation & farming be con-
tinued as heretofore & the Proffits arising therefrom go towards
the support of my wife & the children now living with her & to-
wards the Education of such children untill my children shall
respectively receive their portions above named & when my young-
est child which may be living shall arive to the age of Twenty
one years & each/ of them shall receive their parts above asigned
then it is my will. and desire that the whole of the Residue of
my estate be divided between my wife Dorothy and my children share


and share alike  Lastly I do hereby nominate constitute and
apoint my friends Gospero Sweet James R Ervin Silvius Sweet
& John Baker Executors of this my last Will & Testament
hereby revoking all other and former wills by me made In case
it may be deemed necefsary my Executors may rent out any part
of the lands or hire out any of the negroes  In Witnefs whereof
I have hereunto Signed Set my my hand & Seal this Twenty
ninth day of October Ano Domino 1813

Signed Sealed published & delivered  )       Anthony Sweet (SEAL)
by the testator in our presence who  )
at his request have signed our names )
as Wittnefses                        )

Philip Kirton

Henry Kirton

Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 81
Original Will Missing
Recorded November 27, 1813
Thos Harllee, Ordy
Roll No. 734

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