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Transcribed by Victoria Proctor, 22 Oct 2000


In the Name of god Amen I Daniel White of Marion District South Carrolina being 
in Reasonable health of body and in sound mind and memory Coling to Remembrance 
that it apointed for all men once to Die Do make this my last Will and testament 
in manner and form folowing And first I give my Body to be bured in a Decent and 
a Christian manner and form at the Discreation of my after named Executors and 
my Soul and body I Comit unto god how gived unto Me and that at the general 
Resurection both soul and Body Shall be again united to Sheare the glorious 
Imortality throw the age of an Eternity of Blifs and touching such Worldly Estate 
As god hath been plesed to Blifs me With I Do hearby leave and bequeath in the 
following manor And first and foremust for and Deeds of gift made by Me for any 
Negroe Whatsoever I Do hereby Disenull and Revoke the same It being Done throw 
Defrode and usrey and not my Desire long since 

ITEM I give to my son James White one Negro man by the _____ of sutton and
one Negro girl by the name of Riah and one Negro boy by the Name of Ben to him
and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten if No such heirs to be Devided among 
the the Rest of My Children Namly gideon Richard and Betsey and there heirs 

Item I give to my son Solomon White and his hiers one Shilling Sterling apice 
and the Not Coming in for any More 

Item I give to My Son Gideon White one Negro man by the Name of Shad and one 
girl by the name of Ameh and one Negro boy by the Name of petter to him and 
the heirs of his body lawfully Begotten for Ever 

Item I give to My Son Daniel White one Negro man by the Name Jamie if he 
Comes in the Space of Seven years after my Death if not I give the said to 
my Son Gideon White and his hiers for Ever 

Item I give to my son Richard White one Negro man By the Name of Isack and 
one Negro girl by the name arch and one Negro boy by the Name of Jack to 
him and the heirs of his Body lawfully Begotten for Ever 

Item I also give to my son Richard
one hundred and seventy five acres of land on the Cowpen Branch corner upon a
pine and then Runing by mark trees unto Simon prichet corner upon the pine log
Branch and by Mr. prichet Back Line to Wilson Back line to a corner then to
Wilson other  Bak line to the Station to him and his heirs for Ever 

Item I give to My Daughter Betsey ferrel one Negro man named henery and one 
Negro Woman by the Name of Seele and her Increase hereafter from this Day to 
hir and the heirs of hir body Lawfully Be­gotten for Ever 

Item I give to my Daugher Betsey ferrel one hundredand Eighty two acres of land 
it Being the plantation and land I now live on It Joining Simon pritchet land 
on the one side and John Hutson on the other the Willo creek Up to simon pritchet 
land I allso give My Daughter Betsey My Best fether Bed and furnitur Also I give 
my son Richard my other Bed and furnitur and My Disere is that My son gideon 
Should have the Care of my two old Negros sam and Ameh as long as thy live but 
if thy chufe to Live With any of the Rest of my children for them to take the 
Care of them as I have not given them to non of them my heirs but Desire thy 
Should take care of them My Stock horses and Cattle and hogs to be Divided 
amongst My Named children James gideon Richard and Betsey And the bogs to be 
Devided betwene Richard and Betsey and I Do hereby Constitute and Apoint 
My son gideon White and My trusty and my frend Drurry pilkenton Sen 
Sole Executors to this my last Will and testament
Whereunto I have set my hand and seal. in Confirmation thereof this is the 2
day of feburry one thousand Eight hundred and sixteen in the present of us

Malcom Woodrow                              Daniel White (SEAL)
James ferrel 

Richard White X 

Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 100
Recorded April 18, 1816
Thos. Harllee, Ord M. D. 

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