South Carolina Service of Israel BAXTER
R 21696
(Born in North Carolina)

Declaration made in Green County, Mississippi, 10 Sept. 1833
by Israel BAXTER a resident of Green Co., Miss.; age 71.

States he entered the army in 1776 as a substitute for his father, Theophilus BAXTER, as a private who was drafted in the militia of South Carolina, Georgetown District at Long Bluff on the Pedee River under Thomas WILLIAMSON and regiment commanded by Col. COLB. He marched from there to Hadley's Point in S.C. and served one month, when he was discharged by Capt. WILLIAMSON, which has been lost. Shortly after his discharge he returned to Cheraw Hill, S.C. and enlisted in a volunteer company at that place as a private commanded by Capt. Wm. DEWITT, in the regiment commanded by Col. CALB, General MOULTRIE; from which place he marched to Parisburg on the Savannah River, then ordered to Charleston, S.C.. He fought the British at the Battle between the Americans at Coosa Hatchie Bridge. Col. LAWRENCE then commanding where he was engaged 6 months. After discharge he returned to Long Bluff and shortly after enlisted as a volunteer for duration of the war in a Horse Company under Capt. Alexander MCINTOSH, under Col. COLB and under General MARION; was engaged in skirmishes against the tories, was taken prisoner by them twice. That he was in service of the U.S. in the Revolution as a substitute or volunteer as above stated 4 years and 6 months.

States He was born 1762 in neighborhood of Kingston, N.C.. States he was living on Pedee River, S.C. and from a few miles from what was then called Long Bluff, remained there 8 or ten years, then moved to Georgia and lived 16 years, then moved to Mississippi territory and now the state of Mississippi.

Submitted by: Sloan Mason, 2002.


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