South Carolina Burials
Crown Hill Cemetery, Camp Morton POW
Indianapolis, Indiana

During the war, Camp Morton, located north of Indianapolis, was a large prisoner of war camp, and a section was created in Green Lawn Cemetery to inter those prisoners that died there. After the war they were moved to Crown Hill and interred in a mass grave. In 1993 a Confederate Memorial was erected to mark the grave.

SurName, Given Rank Unit CO Date Died
ABERCROMBIE, A. Private 2nd Infantry Regiment, Rifles E Jan. 22 1964
ANDREWS, James Private Fuller's Battery I  
BROWN, N. Private 24th Infantry A Feb. 13 1965
DALTON, Amos H. Private Hampton's Legion   Mar. 23 1964
DICKSON, Thomas J. 1st Sergeant Hampton's Legion D  
DORER, W. Private 5th Infantry G Jan. 26 1965
FERRELL, C. E. Private 24th Infantry E Sep. 22 1963
FORESTER, John Private 16th Infantry I Mar. 19 1965
GOODSON, Uzriel Sergeant 6th Infantry E Dec. 28 1963
HALL, W. D. Private Hampton's Legion H  
HUMPHRIES, Jack Private 19th Infantry K  
KNOX, George J. Private 5th Infantry F Dec. 14 1965
MILLER, C. W. Private Hamilton's Legion I  
MULLINAX, J. S. Private 1st Palmetto Sharpshooters (Jenkins) I  
NEWMAN, M. H. Sergeant 11th Infantry A Feb. 20 1964
OWENS, John J. Private 1st Infantry E  
PARRISH, D.F. Private 1st Palmetto Sharpshooters G Aug. 6 1964
ROBINSON, William Private Hampton's Legion H  
WESTMORELAND, L. D. 2nd Sergeant Holcombe's Legion I  
WILBURN, Isaac Private Hampton's Legion C  
YARBERRY, O. L. Private 22nd Infantry K  

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