South Carolina Burials
Cypress Hills National Cemetery
Brooklyn, New York

SurName, Given Rank CO Unit Died Grave
ADAMS, A. B.PrivateK14th SC5-Aug-63748
BAUGHMAN ( BOUGHMAN ), Henry L.PrivateC1st SC (McCreary's)21-May-652844
BEARD, James O.PrivateA1st SC, Orr's Rifles23-May-652861
BIRD, William L.PrivateG2nd SC29-Aug-63830
BROWN, Harrington E.PrivateB13th SC12-Oct-63898
BROWN, J. J. ( I. J. )PrivateI6th SC Cavalry (Aiken's Partisan Rangers) (1st Partisan Rangers)5-May-652686
BURDICK, Edward W. C.PrivateG14th SC23-Apr-652591
BURNETT, William T.PrivateE13th SC11-May-652750
CAMP, JamesPrivateA6th SC Cavalry5-May-652708
CAMPBELL, E.PrivateA16th SC6-May-652729
CAMPBELL, R. J.PrivateC4th SC, Manigault's Artillery Battalion19-Apr-652571
CAMPBELL, RobertPrivateH1st SC (Butler's)18-May-652814
CARTER, TimothyPrivateH1st SC (Butler's)19-May-652819
CASEY, A. M.Private Marion SC Artillery8-May-652605
COVINGTON, ElijahPrivateD1st SC24-May-652874
COWARD, N. M.PrivateB14th SC Militia10-May-65 
DAVIS, J. R.PrivateK7th SC Cavalry11-May-652759
DeBARD ( De BAR ), Lewis W.PrivateE14th SC1-Jun-652568
DRUMMOND, JamesPrivateB14th SC21-May-652471
DULLINS, P. E. L.PrivateL1st SC30-Jul-632712
DUNLAP, J. S.PrivateE12th SC6-Sep-63841
DURISOE, C. L.PrivateD14th SC23-Jul-63664
DURN, PerryPrivateF1st SC Heavy Artillery3-Jul-653089
EVANS, JayPrivateG21st SC9-Sep-641841
FARMER, J. L.PrivateD1st SC (Butler's)4-Jun-652941
FRANKLIN, R. L.PrivateK13th SC23-Jun-653051
FREEMAN, JohnPrivateK3rd SC Artillery7-Jun-652952
GARDNER, F. MarionPrivateE12th SC23-Jul-63668
GILDER, J. A.PrivateB14th SC2-Aug-63731
GILLILAND, AbnerPrivateC18th SC23-Jun-653042
GILMORE, Henry J.PrivateC18th SC10-May-65 
GLASGOW, James N.PrivateG14th SC13-Jun-652998
GLOVER, John R.PrivateC1st SC (McCreary's)20-May-652838
GOODING, ThomasPrivateD11th SC23-Apr-652589
GRADY, C. M.SergeantC21st SC17-Jun-653021
GRIFFIN, SilasPrivateA14th SC Militia4-Jun-652935
HAIR, W. J.PrivateI1st SC (McCreary's)14-Sep-63858
HALL, P. P.PrivateK12th SC5-Aug-63745
HARRIS, Edward J. ( E. T. )PrivateD6th SC Senior Reserves3-Jun-652936
HARVEY, A. JeffersonPrivateG17th SC25-Mar-652411
HILL, J. H.PrivateC1st SC, Orr's Rifles28-Apr-652647
HOLLIBINTON, A. J.PrivateM8th SC5-Sep-63842
HOLLINGFIELD ( HOLLERFIELD ), JacobPrivateG1st SC (Butler's)8-May-652735
HORN ( KORN ), J. A.PrivateB / E14th SC Militia28-Apr-652640
HUGHES, JohnPrivateI1st SC (McCreary's)28-May-652898
HURLEY, C. C.PrivateC14th SC19-Jun-653029
HUTTO, CharlesPrivateH17th SC23-Jun-653041
HUTTO, JohnPrivateK13th SC27-Apr-652620
INABINET ( IRBINET ), ArchibaldPrivateA1st SC Militia29-May-652918
JOHNSON, Murdock D.PrivateA1st SC (Butler's)24-May-652873
JONES, F. M.PrivateC17th SC13-Apr-652510
JOWERS, J. W.PrivateA23rd SC (Hatch's Coast Rangers)29-May-652897
KAY, Rubdn ( Robert ) M.PrivateK1st SC, Orr's Rifles20-May-652836
KEISLER, G. A.PrivateK13th SC28-Jul-63694
LANCASTER, L. L.PrivateB14th SC17-Apr-652543
LAROCHE ( LEROACH ), William T.PrivateA1st SC (Butler's)7-Jun-652903
LEONARD, James D.SergeantB13th SC20-Jul-63670
LUNDY, JamesPrivateC1st SC Artillery15-Jun-653006
MATHIS, Thomas M.PrivateG14th SC16-May-652803
MATTHEWS, E.PrivateA1st SC (McCreary's)2-Jul-65691
McCURRY , John S.PrivateI14th SC12-Sep-63855
McKETHAN, J. A.PrivateL1st SC (McCreary's)3-Aug-63734
MEYER, John H.PrivateF1st SC Artillery3-May-652682
MILBANK, W. J.PrivateK12th SC19-Apr-652560
MORRIS, John S.PrivateA14th SC Militia20-Apr-652588
MORRISON, AngusPrivateA1st SC (Butler's)13-May-652774
MURPHY, Enoch E.PrivateE15th SC20-Sep-63863
O'CONNER, PatrickPrivateC1st SC Artillery27-Apr-652613
OTTS, Martin  1st SC Militia9-May-652978
OWENS, Albert P.CorporalE1st SC (McCreary's)6-Aug-63717
PARKER, JamesPrivateF3rd SC Artillery15-May-652797
POOR, John W.PrivateG1st SC Artillery18-Jun-653024
POWER, Tilman B.PrivateA1st SC, Orr's Rifles17-May-65 
RAST, William R.PrivateC14th SC13-May-652781
ROLLINS ( ROLLINGS ), ThomasPrivateC1st SC (Butler's)23-Jun-653048
SALE, William AugustusPrivateG1st SC (McCreary's)23-Oct-63902
SHAVER, WilliamPrivateK15th SC15-May-652782
SHULER , Daniel M.PrivateC14th SC Militia5-May-652707
SMITH, J. H.PrivateD12th SC2-Aug-63733
SNOW, Jesse L.PrivateL1st SC (McCreary's)10-May-652770
SPROULES, F. J.SergeantA1st SC (McCreary's)25-Jul-63685
STILL, IsaacPrivateA14th SC Militia16-May-652805
STILL, Thomas E.PrivateB14th SC Militia28-Apr-652637
STRICKLAND, HenryPrivateD26th SC14-Jun-653005
STROM ( STRUM ), George B.PrivateD14th SC17-May-652809
STROMAN, A.PrivateE14th SC29-Apr-652665
SWALT , Simeon O.PrivateC15th SC31-Jul-63706
SWEESTER, Theodore  1st SC23-Nov-63937
TEMPLETON, H. B.PrivateB14th SC Militia1-Jun-652929
TIDWELL, ClarkPrivate Captain Gilchrist's Company, SC Heavy Artillery11-May-652748
TILLY, WilliamPrivateD14th SC Militia23-Apr-652593
TINDALL, Henry F.PrivateI5th SC Cavalry2-May-652679
TREXLER, J. J.PrivateA18th SC Militia2-May-652680
VARN, Hangford D.PrivateK14th SC Militia11-May-652753
WARRICK, W. P.PrivateC12th SC26-Jul-63678
WAYNE, Frances A.PrivateL1st SC (McCreary's)11-May-652747
WEATHERBY, J. M.PrivateA1st SC11-Aug-63774
WHERRY, J. A.PrivateH12th SC22-Jul-63669
WHITE, ElihuSergeantE13th SC20-Jul-63654
YEDDER, StephenPrivateG3rd SC10-May-652760
YOUNGINGER, JosephPrivateH15th SC29-Apr-652645

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