Magnolia Cemetery - Private Family Plots
Charleston, South Carolina

SurName, Given Rank CO Unit Date Died Notes Regarding Death
Anderson, S. W.PrivateA25th SC ( Washington Light Infantry )31-Oct-63Killed by the falling of the wall at Fort Sumter
Anderson, FrankAsst Surgeon C. S. A.Oct 1864Native of Chester, SC. Attached to ist Louisiana Hospital. Died of yellow fever.
Anderson, Bachelor  C. S. A.  
Bailey, W. A.  C. S. A.  
Beard, HenryVolunteer Fish Torpedo Boat ( H L Hunley)16-Oct-63Died from asphyxia
Beckman, William W.Orderly Sergeant 27th SC ( Sumter Guards ) 25-Jun-64 
Bee, James LadsonPrivateK4th SC Cavalry8-Jul-64Wounded 30 May 186 at Cold Harbor, VA
Bee, John Stock1st LieutenantGEI1st SC Artillery16-Jul-63Wound 10 July 1863 in defense of Battery Marshall
Boag, CharlesCaptainI1st SC ( Gregg's/McCeary's )27-Jun-62Killed near Richmond. Aged 27
Boyd, James BrownSergeantI2nd SC17-Sep-62Killed at Sharpsburg, MD
Breese, Stewart Van VechtenPrivateA25th SC ( Washington Light Infantry )15-Jan-63Aged 18 years.
Brookbanks, R.Volunteer Fish Torpedo Boat ( H L Hunley)16-Oct-63Died from asphyxia
Burn, OrvillePrivateA25th SC ( Washington Light Infantry )31-Oct-63Killed by the falling of the wall at Fort Sumter
Burrows, F. M.PrivateA25th SC ( Washington Light Infantry )31-Oct-63Killed by the falling of the wall at Fort Sumter
Burrows, S. L.PrivateA25th SC ( Washington Light Infantry )31-Oct-63Killed by the falling of the wall at Fort Sumter
Butt, John J.  C. S. A.  
Calder, James  C. S. A.31-Oct-63Killed by the falling of the wall at Fort Sumter
Carnighan, John  C. S. A.  
Castleberg, H. C.  C. S. A.  
Cheves, EdwardCaptain C. S. A. General and Staff Officers, Corps, Division and Brigade Staffs, Non-com. Staffs and Bands, Enlisted Men, Staff Departments, C.S.A.
Chaves, LangdonCaptain Chief Engineer Batery Wagner10-Jul-63Killed at his post. Aged 50 years.
Choate, Henry E.PrivateA27th SC ( Calhoun Guards )7-Feb-05 
Coachman, Walter R.PrivateAManigault's SC Artillery Battalion ( Palmetto Guard ) Siege Train. Died on James Island
Collier, Joseph A1st SC ( Charleston ) Battalion ( Gaillard's )7-Feb-05Died of diesase contracted in camp
Collins, SamuelPrivateI27th SC7-Feb-05Murdered in King Street, Charleston
Cross, Henry  C. S. A.3-Jan-66 
Daggett, John W.PrivateE25th SC ( Beauregard Light Infantry )21-Mar-64Died of diesase contracted at Fort Sumter
Daggett, Theodore D.PrivateE25th SC ( Beauregard Light Infantry )6-Feb-05Died in Confederate Hospital from a grape shot wound received at Battery Wagner. Aged 21 years.
Davis, JonesPrivate C. S. A.  
Davis, MosesPrivate C. S. A.  
Dickson, John H.PrivateE2nd SC Cavalry3-Aug-64 
Dotterer, J. B.Sergeant Major General and Staff Officers, Non-Regimental Enlisted Men  
Dotterer, William A.PrivateA25th SC ( Washington Light Infantry )June 1861Killed at Drury's Bluff, VA
Dubose, Edwin C.1st LieutenantL1st SC ( Gregg's/McCeary's )3-May-63Fell at Chancellorsville, VA. Aged 23 years.
Duffus, George E. L.PrivateL1st SC ( Gregg's/McCeary's )30-Aug-63Wounded and taken prisoner July 3, 1863 at Gettysburg. Died at David's Island, New York Harbor
Duffus, J. WalkerCaptainH23rd SC17-Jun-64Near Petersburg, VA. Aged 28 years
Eason, Russell G.  C. S. A.7-Dec-62Died at Charlottesville, VA
Edgerton, Samuel F.  C. S. A.  
Edwards, J. C.     
Edwards, John Jones2nd LieutenantD1st SC ( Charleston ) Battalion ( Gaillard's )18-Jul-63Quartermaster. Killed at Secessionville. Aged 28 years.
Elford, Orville  C. S. A.31-Oct-63Killed at Fort Sumter
Elliott, William S.Captain 17th SC Militia ( Cadet Riflemen )  
Gadsen, Thomas N.PrivateB25th SC ( Washington Light Infantry )10-Jun-62Killed at Secessionville.
Goddard, MD, Peter C.  Rutledge Mounted Riflemen One of the first victims of the war.
Goodman, J. B.  4th VaOct 1864Attached on hospital duty at 1st Louisina Hospital. Died of yellow fever. Native of Virginia.
Gregg, John B.2nd LieutenantF7th SC1-Dec-61Died at Charlottesville, VA
Grimball, William H.LieutenantE1st SC Artillery27-Jul-64Died oy typhoid Fever contracted on James's Island. Aged 28 years
Griswold, SSurgeon C. S. A.  
Hamilton, James AlexanderLieutenant Elliott's Battery, Beaufort ArtilleryOct 1864Specially chosen by General Stephen Elliott to take charge of and operate the torpedoes. In attempt to reach the Ironsides, his frail boat swamped and he swam a half mile to shore. Made a second attempt and destroyed a guard boat. Exposure brought on congestion from which he died.
Hayne, Edmund ShubrickCorporal Color GuardL1st SC ( Gregg's/McCeary's )30-Jun-62Shot June 27, 1862 at Gaines' Mills and died at Washington Hospital, VA. Aged 18 years. He was the sedond to carry the flag that day, and 2 others carried them after he was wounded. 5th man to die with the flag that day was P. Gadsen Holmes.
Henery, R. S.Sergeant Union Light Infantry  
Hollins, George N.Engineer C S Gunboat Chicora  
Holmes, P. Gadsen     
Holmes, Robert Little  1st SC ( Gregg's/McCeary's )  
Horlbeck, J. Moultrie  C. S. A.  
Huger, Cleland KinlochLieutenant 1st SC Artillery26-Feb-64Aged 20 years.
Huger, D. E.CaptainA, IManigault's SC Artillery Battalion Killed at Chickamauga
Huger, Jospeh P.Private C. S. A. Signal Corp Killed at Fort Sumter
Huger, S. P.A. D. C.  Manigault's SC Artillery Battalion  
Huger, Thomas B.Captain C. S. N. McRae Mortally wounded at the battle below New Orleans,as Commander
Hughes, W. L.Private 25th SC ( Washington Light Infantry ) Died from disease at Greenville, SC
Hull, S. J.Lieutenant C. S. A.  
Hunley, Horace L.Volunteer Fish Torpedo Boat ( H L Hunley)16-Oct-63Gave the boat to the Confederacy and went down with her. Died from asphyxia
Jackson, AllanCorporal C. S. A.  
Jeffords, Robert Josiah Lieutenant ColonelF&S5th SC Cavalry ( Ferguson's ) 27-Oct-64Killed near Burgess' Mill, VA
Johnson, Benjamin J.Lieutenant Colonel Hampton Legion21-Jul-61Killed at 1st Manassas. Aged 45 years.
Jones, J. Walker  C. S. A.31-Oct-63Killed by the falling of the wall at Fort Sumter
Kelly, John A.Private C. S. A.  
Kennedy, W.Private C. S. A.  
Kerrison, EdwinPrivateI2nd SCMay 1863Killed at Spottslvania C. H., VA
Kinloch, Henry W.LieutenantJ1st SC Mouinted Militia ( SC Rangers )24-Oct-62Died of disease contracted in service.
Ladson, W. H.Major Quartemaster C. S. A.3-Feb-05Died of disease contracted in camp.
Klink, TheoLieutenant Hampton Legion Died from wounds.
Lambers, J. FrancisSergeantI27th SC18-Jul-63Killed at Battery Wagner.
Maguire, JohnVolunteer Fish Torpedo Boat ( H L Hunley)16-Oct-63Died from asphyxia
Marshburn, William W.PrivateBDismounted Bn.5-Sep-64 
Matthewes, _____  C. S. A.  
McHugh, CharlesVolunteer Fish Torpedo Boat ( H L Hunley)16-Oct-63Died from asphyxia
Middleton, Francis KinlochPrivateK4th SC Cavalry ( Charleston Light Dragoons )30-May-63Wounded May 28, 1863 at Hawe's Shop.
Middleton, Henry AugustusPrivate Hampton Legion27-Jul-61Wounded July 21, 1861 at 1st Manassas
Middleton, Oliver HeringPrivateK4th SC Cavalry ( Charleston Light Dragoons )31-May-64Died from wounds received at Cold Harbor, VA. Aged 18 years
Middleton, Thomas  C. S. A.  
Mitchell, John C.Captain 1st SC Artillery20-Jul-64Killed at his post as Commander of Fort Sumter during the bombardment
Mowry, E.Major C. S. A.  
Nagle, W. P.Corporal Palmetto Guard10-Feb-65 
Newcomer, John G.CorporalA25th SC ( Washington Light Infantry )Sept 1863Killed at Battery Wagner.
Nolan, J. N. ( R. )  C. S. A.  
Olney, Alfred L.SergeantA25th SC ( Washington Light Infantry )6-Jul-64Died at Richmond, VA.
Owens, W. C. A25th SC ( Washington Light Infantry )31-Oct-63Killed by the falling of the wall at Fort Sumter
Palmer, Barnwell W.Captain C. S. A.10-Jun-64Killed at Petersburg, VA.
Palmer, John S.CaptainK10th SC23-Jul-64Killed in front of Atlanta.
Park, Thomas W.Volunteer Fish Torpedo Boat ( H L Hunley)16-Oct-63Died from asphyxia
Parker, William McKenzieCadetASC Military Academy ( The Citadel )3-May-64Aged 18 years.
Patterson, JosephVolunteer Fish Torpedo Boat ( H L Hunley)16-Oct-63Died from asphyxia
Pinckney, Alfred G.  1st SC ( Gregg's/McCeary's )30-Jun-624th man to die carrying the colors at Gaine's Mills.
Pitts, A.  C. S. A.  
Posey, William  C. S. A.  
Ravenel, Elias PrioleauLieutenant 1st SC Artillery Died from disease contracted on Monroe Island
Ravenel, Francis GualdoCaptainAA D C to General Ripley2-Jul-62Killed at Charles City Road at Richmond, VA
Ray, _____  C. S. A.  
Rhett, Robert WoodwordLieutenant 1st SC ( Gregg's/McCeary's ) ( Richardson Guard )3-Jul-62Aged 23 years.
Roberts, O, M  C. S. A.  
Robinson, John SimonsPrivateA17th SC21-Oct-62 
Roward, ElliottPrivate C. S. A.  
Sheppard, Benjamin T. A25th SC ( Washington Light Infantry )13-Nov-62Aged 24 years.
Sheppard, Thomas G.  1st SC Artillery17-Sep-62Died of wounds received at 2nd Manassas
Silox, JamesPrivateB25th SC ( Washington Light Infantry )Aug 1864Died from disease. Aged 20 years.
Sprague, CharlesVolunteer Fish Torpedo Boat ( H L Hunley)16-Oct-63Died from asphyxia
Stevens, W. H.  Union Light Infantry  
Strain, W.H.  1st SC ( Charleston ) Battalion ( Gaillard's )6-Feb-05Died from disease contracted in service.
Sullivan, W. H.Sergeant C. S. A.  
Taft, R. M.LieutenantB25th SC ( Washington Light Infantry ) Killed at Drury's Bluff, VA. Aged 28 years.
Taylor, J.Private C. S. A.  
Wampler, J. MorrisMajor C. S. A. Engineers17-Aug-63Killed at his post as Chief Engineer of Battery Wagner. A native of Maryland.
Waring, Paul HamiltonCaptain C. S. A.15-Jul-63Killed at Battery Wagner.
West, Edward A.Lieutenant C. S. N.16-Apr-64Secretary to Com Tucker. Aged 38 years.
Westendorf, _____  C. S. A.  
Westerland, _____Captain C. S. A.  
Whale, C. D.Sergeant C. S. A.  
Whittaker, William  C. S. A.  
King, William A. ARutledge Mounted Riflemen Wounded Dec 1864 at Fort Fisher, NC. Died in New York from effects of wounds.

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