Confederate Order of Battle

1 - 3 July 1863

General Robert E. Lee, CSA, commanding



Colonel Robert H. Chilton, Chief of Staff, Inspector General
Brigadier General William N. Pendleton, Chief of Artillery
Dr. Lafayette Guild, Medical Director
Lieutenant Colonel Briscoe G. Baldwin, Chief of Ordnance
Lieutenant Colonel Robert G. Cole, Chief of Commissary
Lieutenant Colonel James L. Corley, Chief Quartermaster
Major Henry E. Young, Judge Advocate General
Colonel Armistead L. Long, Military Secretary, Acting Assitant Chief of Artillery
Lieutenant Colonel Walter H. Taylor, Aide de Camp, Assitant Adjutant General
Major Charles Marshall, Aide de Camp, Assitant Military Secretary
Major Charles S. Venable, Aide de Camp, Assitant Inspector General
Captain Samuel R. Johnston, Engineer Officer

FIRST ARMY CORPS (Lieutenant General James Longstreet)

McLaws' Division (Major General Lafayette McLaws)

  Kershaw's Brigade (Brigadier General Joseph Brevard Kershaw)
2nd South Carolina (Colonel John Doby Kennedy)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel Franklin Gaillard)
3rd South Carolina (Major Robert C. Maffett)
--- (Colonel James Drayton Nance)
7th South Carolina (Colonel D. Wyatt Aiken)
8th South Carolina (Colonel John Williford Henagan)
15th South Carolina (Colonel William DeSaussure)
--- (Major William M. Gist)
3rd South Carolina Battalion (Lieutenant Colonel William G. Rice)

Semmes' Brigade (Brigadier General Paul Jones Semmes)
--- (Colonel Goode Bryan)
10th Georgia (Colonel John B. Weems)
50th Georgia (Colonel William R. Manning)
51st Georgia (Colonel Edward Ball)
53rd Georgia (Colonel James P. Simms)

Barksdale's Brigade (Brigadier General William Barksdale)
--- (Colonel Benjamin G. Humphreys)
13th Mississippi (Colonel John W. Carter)
17th Mississippi (Colonel William D. Holder)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel John C. Fiser)
18th Mississippi (Colonel Thomas M. Griffin)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel William H. Luse)
21st Mississippi (Colonel Benjamin G. Humphreys)

Wofford's Brigade (Brigadier General William T. Wofford)
16th Georgia (Colonel Goode Bryan)
18th Georgia (Lieutenant Colonel Solon Z. Ruff)
24th Georgia (Colonel Robert McMillin)
Cobb's Legion (Georgia) (Lieutenant Colonel Luther J. Glenn)
Phillips' Legion (Georgia) (Lieutenant Colonel Elihu S. Barclay)

Artillery (Colonel Henry Coalter Cabell)
1st North Carolina Artillery, Battery A (Captain Basil C. Manly)
Pulaski Artillery (Georgia) (Captain John C. Fraser)
--- (Lieutenant William J. Furlong)
1st Richmond Howitzers (Virginia) (Captain Edward S. McCarthy)
Troup Artillery (Georgia) (Captain Henry H. Carlton)
--- (Lieutenant Columbus Washington Motes)

Pickett's Division (Brigadier General George E. Pickett)

Garnett's Brigade (Brigadier General Richard B. Garnett)
--- (Major Charles S. Peyton)
8th Virginia (Colonel Eppa Hunton)
18th Virginia (Lieutenant Colonel Henry A. Carrington)
19th Virginia (Colonel Henry Gantt)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel John T. Ellis)
28th Virginia (Colonel Robert C. Allen)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel William Watts)
56th Virginia (Colonel William D. Stuart)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel Philip P. Slaughter)

Kemper's Brigade (Brigadier General James L. Kemper)
--- (Colonel Joseph Mayo, Jr.)
1st Virginia (Colonel Lewis B. Williams)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel Frederick G. Skinner)
3rd Virginia (Colonel Joseph Mayo, Jr.)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Daniel Callcote)
7th Virginia (Colonel Waller T. Patton)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel Charles C. Flowerree)
11th Virginia (Major Kirkwood Otey)
24th Virginia (Colonel William R. Terry)

Armistead's Brigade (Brigadier General Lewis A. Armistead)
--- (Colonel William R. Aylett)
9th Virginia (Major John C. Owens)
14th Virginia (Colonel James G. Hodges)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel William White)
38th Virginia (Colonel Edward C. Edmonds)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel Powhatan Bolling Whittle)
53rd Virginia (Colonel William R. Aylett)
57th Virginia (Colonel John Bowie Magruder)

Artillery (Major James Dearing)
Fauquier Artillery (Virginia) (Captain Robert M. Stribling)
Hampden Artillery (Virginia) (Captain William H. Caskie)
Richmond Fayette Artillery (Virginia) (Captain Miles C. Macon)
Lynchburg Artillery (Virginia) (Captain Joseph G. Blount)

Hood's Division (Major General John B. Hood)
--- (Brigadier General Evander M. Law)

Law's Brigade (Brigadier General Evander M. Law)
--- (Colonel James L. Sheffield)
4th Alabama (Colonel Lawrence H. Scruggs)
5th Alabama (Colonel William C. Oates)
--- (Captain Blanton A. Hill)
44th Alabama (Colonel William F. Perry)
47th Alabama (Colonel James W. Jackson)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel Michael Joseph Bulger)
--- (Major James M. Campbell)
48th Alabama (Colonel James L. Sheffield)
--- (Captain Thomas J. Eubanks)

Robertson's Brigade (Brigadier General Jerome B. Robertson)
3rd Arkansas (Colonel Van H. Manning)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel Robert Samuel Taylor)
1st Texas (Colonel Phillip A. Work)
4th Texas (Colonel John C. G. Key)
--- (Major John P. Bane)
5th Texas (Colonel Robert M. Powell)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel King Bryan)
--- (Major Jefferson C. Rogers)

Anderson's Brigade (Brigadier General George T. Anderson)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel William Luffman)
7th Georgia (Colonel William W. White)
8th Georgia (Colonel John R. Towers)
9th Georgia (Lieutenant Colonel John Clark Mounger)
--- (Major William M. Jones)
--- (Captain George Hillyer)
11th Georgia (Colonel Francis H. Little)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel William Luffman)
--- (Major Henry D. McDaniel)
--- (Captain William H. Mitchell)
59th Georgia (Colonel Jack Brown)
--- (Captain Mastin G. Bass)

Benning's Brigade (Brigadier General Henry L. Benning)
2nd Georgia (Lieutenant Colonel William T. Harris)
--- (Major William S. Shepherd)
15th Georgia (Colonel M. Dudley DuBose)
17th Georgia (Colonel Wesley C. Hodges)
20th Georgia (Colonel John A. Jones)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel James D. Waddell)

Artillery (Major Mathis W. Henry)
Branch Artillery (North Carolina) (Captain Alexander C. Latham)
German Artillery (South Carolina) (Captain William K. Bachman)
Palmetto Light Artillery (South Carolina) (Captain Hugh R. Garden)
Rowan Artillery (North Carolina) (Captain James Reilly)

Artillery Reserve (Colonel James B. Walton)

Alexander's Battalion (Colonel Edward P. Alexander)
Ashland Artillery (Virginia) (Captain Pichegru Woolfolk, Jr.)
--- (Lieutenant James Woolfolk)
Bedford Artillery (Virginia) (Captain Tyler C. Jordan)
Brooks Artillery (South Carolina) (Lieutenant S. Capers Gilbert)
Madison Artillery (Louisiana) (Captain George V. Moody)
Richmond Artillery Battery (Virginia) (Captain William W. Parker)
Bath Artillery Battery (Virginia) (Captain Osmond B. Taylor)

Washington Artillery (Louisiana) (Major Benjamin F. Eshleman)
1st Company (Captain Charles W. Squires)
2nd Company (Captain John B. Richardson)
3rd Company (Captain Merritt B. Miller)
4th Company (Captain Joe Norcom)
--- (Lieutenant Henry A. Battles)

SECOND ARMY CORPS (Lieutenant General Richard S. Ewell)

Early's Division (Major General Jubal A. Early)

Hays' Brigade (Brigadier General Harry T. Hays)
5th Louisiana (Major Alexander Hart)
--- (Captain Thomas H. Biscoe)
6th Louisiana (Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Hanlon)
7th Louisiana (Colonel Davidson B. Penn)
8th Louisiana (Colonel Trevanion D. Lewis)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel Alcibiades de Blanc)
--- (Major German A. Lester)
9th Louisiana (Colonel Leroy A. Stafford)

Smith's Brigade (Brigadier General William Smith)
31st Virginia (Colonel John S. Hoffman)
49th Virginia (Lieutenant Colonel J. Catlett Gibson)
52nd Virginia (Lieutenant Colonel James H. Skinner)

Hoke's Brigade (Colonel Isaac E. Avery)
--- (Colonel Archibald C. Godwin)
6th North Carolina (Major Samuel D. McD. Tate)
21st North Carolina (Colonel William W. Kirkland)
57th North Carolina (Colonel Archibald C. Godwin)

Gordon's Brigade (Brigadier General John B. Gordon)
13th Georgia (Colonel James L. Smith)
26th Georgia (Colonel Edmund N. Atkinson)
31st Georgia (Colonel Clement A. Evans)
38th Georgia (Captain William L. McLeod)
60th Georgia (Captain Waters B. Jones)
61st Georgia (Colonel John H. Lamar)

Artillery (Lieutenant Colonel Hilary P. Jones)
Charlottesville Artillery (Virginia) (Captain James McD. Carrington)
Courtney Artillery (Virginia) (Captain William A. Tanner)
Louisiana Guard Artillery (Captain Charles A. Green)
Staunton Artillery (Virginia) (Captain Asher W. Garber)

Rodes' Division (Major General Robert E. Rodes)

Daniel's Brigade (Brigadier General Junius Daniel)
32nd North Carolina (Colonel Edmund C. Brabble)
43rd North Carolina (Colonel Thomas S. Kenan)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel W. G. Lewis)
45th North Carolina (Lieutenant Colonel Samuel H. Boyd)
--- (Major John R. Winston)
--- (Captain Alexander H. Gallaway)
--- (Captain James A. Hopkins)
53rd North Carolina (Colonel William A. Owens)
2nd North Carolina Battalion (Lieutenant Colonel Hezekiah L. Andrews)
--- (Captain Van Brown)

Iverson's Brigade (Brigadier General Alfred Iverson)
5th North Carolina (Captain Speight B. West)
--- (Captain Benjamin Robinson)
12th North Carolina (Lieutenant Colonel William S. Davis)
20th North Carolina (Lieutenant Colonel Nelson Slouh)
--- (Captain Lewis T. Hicks)
23rd North Carolina (Colonel Daniel H. Christie)
--- (Captain William H. Johnston)

Doles' Brigade (Brigadier General George Doles)
4th Georgia (Lieutenant Colonel David R. E. Winn)
--- (Major William H. Willis)
12th Georgia (Colonel Edward Willis)
21st Georgia (Colonel John T. Mercer)
44th Georgia (Colonel Samuel P. Lumpkin)
--- (Major William H. Peebles)

Ramseur's Brigade (Brigadier General Stephen D. Ramseur)
2nd North Carolina (Major Daniel W. Hurt)
--- (Captain James T. Scales)
4th North Carolina (Colonel Bryan Grimes)
14th North Carolina (Colonel R. Tyler Bennett)
--- (Major Joseph H. Lambeth)
30th North Carolina (Colonel Francis M. Parker)
--- (Major William W. Sillers)

O'Neal's Brigade (Colonel Edward A. O'Neal)
3rd Alabama (Colonel Cullen A. Battle)
5th Alabama (Colonel Josephus M. Hall)
6th Alabama (Colonel James N. Lightfoot)
--- (Captain M. L. Bowie)
12th Alabama (Colonel Samuel B. Pickens)
26th Alabama (Lieutenant Colonel John C. Goodgame)

Artillery (Lieutenant Colonel Thomas H. Carter)
Jeff Davis Artillery (Alabama) (Captain William J. Reese)
King William Artillery (Virginia) (Captain William P. Carter)
Morris Artillery (Virginia) (Captain Richard C. M. Page)
Orange Artillery (Virginia) (Captain Charles W. Fry)

Johnson's Division (Major General Edward Johnson)

Steuart's Brigade (Brigadier General George H. Steuart)
1st Maryland Battalion Infantry (Lieutenant Colonel James R. Herbert)
--- (Major W. W. Goldsborough)
--- (Captain James Parran Crane)
1st North Carolina (Lieutenant Colonel Hamilton Allen Brown)
3rd North Carolina (Major William M. Parsley)
10th Virginia (Colonel Edward T. H. Warren)
23rd Virginia (Lieutenant Colonel Simeon T. Walton)
37th Virginia (Major Henry C. Wood)

Nicholls' Brigade (Colonel Jesse M. Williams)
1st Louisiana (Colonel Michael Nolan)
2nd Louisiana (Lieutenant Colonel Ross E. Burke)
10th Louisiana (Major Thomas N. Powell)
14th Louisiana (Lieutenant Colonel David Zable)
15th Louisiana (Major Andrew Bradey)

Stonewall Brigade (Brigadier General James Walker)
2nd Virginia (Colonel John Q.A. Nadenbousch)
4th Virginia (Major William Terry)
5th Virginia (Colonel John H. S. Funk)
27th Virginia (Lieutenant Colonel Daniel M. Shriver)
33rd Virginia (Captain James B. Golladay)

Jones's Brigade (Brigadier General John. M. Jones)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel Robert H. Dungan)
21st Virginia (Captain William P. Moseley)
25th Virginia (Colonel John C. Higginbotham)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel John A. Robinson)
42nd Virginia (Colonel Robert Withers)
--- (Captain Samuel H. Saunders)
44th Virginia (Major Norval Cobb)
--- (Captain Thomas R. Buckner)
48th Virginia (Lieutenant Colonel Robert H. Dungan)
--- (Major Oscar White)
50th Virginia (Lieutenant Colonel Logan H. N. Salyer)

Artillery (Major James W. Latimer)
1st Maryland Battery (Captain William F. Dement)
Alleghany Artillery (Virginia) (Captain John C. Carpenter)
Chesapeake (Maryland) Artillery (Captain William D. Brown)
Lee Artillery Battery (Virginia) (Captain Charles I. Raine)
--- (Lieutenant William M. Hardwicke)
Artillery Reserve (Colonel J. Thompson Brown)

First Virginia Artillery (Captain Willis J. Dance)
2nd Richmond Howitzers (Virginia) (Captain David Watson)
3rd Richmond Howitzers (Virginia) (Captain Benjamin H. Smith, Jr.)
Powhatan Artillery (Virginia) (Lieutenant John M. Cunningham)
Rockbridge Artillery (Virginia) (Captain Archibald Graham)
Salem Artillery (Virginia) (Lieutenant Charles B. Griffin)

Nelson's Battalion (Lieutenant Colonel William Nelson)
Amherst Artillery (Virginia) (Captain Thomas J. Kirkpatrick)
Fluvanna Artillery (Virginia) (Captain John L. Massie)
Georgia Battery (Captain John Milledge, Jr.)

THIRD ARMY CORPS (Lieutenant General Ambrose P. Hill)

Anderson's Division (Major General Richard H. Anderson)

Wilcox's Brigade (Brigadier General Cadmus M. Wilcox)
8th Alabama (Lieutenant Colonel Hilary A. Herbert)
9th Alabama (Captain J. Horace King)
10th Alabama (Colonel William H. Forney)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel James E. Shelley)
11th Alabama (Colonel John C. C. Sanders)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel George E. Tayloe)
14th Alabama (Colonel Lucius Pinckard)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel James A. Broome)

Wright's Brigade (Brigadier General Ambrose R. Wright)
--- (Colonel William Gibson)
3rd Georgia (Colonel Edward J. Walker)
22nd Georgia (Colonel Joseph A. Wasden)
--- (Captain Benjamin C. McCurry)
48th Georgia (Colonel William Gibson)
--- (Captain Matthew R. Hall)
--- (Colonel William Gibson)
2nd Georgia Battalion (Major George W. Ross)
--- (Captain Charles J. Muffett)

Mahone's Brigade (Brigadier General William Mahone)
6th Virginia (Colonel George T. Rogers)
12th Virginia (Colonel David A. Weisiger)
16th Virginia (Colonel Joseph H. Ham)
41st Virginia (Colonel William A. Parham)
61st Virginia (Colonel Virginius D. Groner)

Perry's Brigade (Colonel David Lang)
2nd Florida (Major Walter R. Moore)
5th Florida (Captain Richmond N. Gardner)
8th Florida (Lieutenant Colonel William Baya)

Posey's Brigade (Brigadier General Carnot Posey)
12th Mississippi (Colonel Walter H. Taylor)
16th Mississippi (Colonel Samuel E. Baker)
19th Mississippi (Colonel Nathaniel H. Harris)
48th Mississippi (Colonel Joseph M. Jayne)

Artillery (Sumpter Battalion) (Major John Lane)
Company A (Captain Hugh M. Ross)
Company B (Captain George M. Patterson)
Company C (Captain John T. Wingfield)

Heth's Division (Major General Henry Heth)
--- (Brigadier General James Johnson Pettigrew)

1st Brigade (Brigadier General James Johnson Pettigrew)
11th North Carolina (Colonel Collett Leventhorpe)
26th North Carolina (Colonel Henry K. Burgwyn)
47th North Carolina (Colonel George H. Faribault)
52nd North Carolina (Colonel James K. Marshall)

2nd Brigade (Colonel John M. Brockenborough)
40th Virginia (Captain T. Edwin Betts)
--- (Captain R. B. Davis)
47th Virginia (Colonel Robert M. Mayo)
55th Virginia (Colonel William S. Christian)
22nd Virginia Battalion (Major John S. Bowles)

3rd Brigade (Brigadier General James J. Archer)
--- (Colonel Birkett D. Fry)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel Samuel G. Shepherd)
5th Alabama Battalion (Major Albert S. Van De Graaf)
13th Alabama (Colonel Birkett D. Fry)
1st Tennessee (Provisional Army) (Major Felix G. Buchanan)
7th Tennessee (Lieutenant Colonel Samuel G. Shepherd)
14th Tennessee (Captain Bruce L. Phillips)

4th Brigade (Brigadier General Joseph R. Davis)
2nd Mississippi (Colonel John M. Stone)
11th Mississippi (Colonel Francis M. Green)
42nd Mississippi (Colonel Hugh R. Miller)
55th North Carolina (Colonel John Kerr Connally)

Artillery (Lieutenant Colonel John Garnett)
Donaldsville Artillery (Louisiana) (Captain Victor Maurin)
Huger Artillery (Virginia) (Captain Joseph D. Moore)
Lewis Artillery (Virginia) (Captain John W. Lewis)
Norfolk Light Artillery Blues (Virginia) (Captain Charles R. Grandy)

Pender's Division (Major General Willian D. Pender)
--- (Brigadier General James H. Lane)
--- (Major General Isaac R. Trimble)
--- (Brigadier General James H. Lane)

1st Brigade (Colonel Abner Perrin)
1st South Carolina (Provisional Army) (Major Charles W. McCreary)
1st South Carolina Rifles (Captain William M. Hadden)
12th South Carolina (Colonel John L. Miller)
13th South Carolina (Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin T. Brockman)
14th South Carolina (Lieutenant Colonel Joseph N. Brown)

2nd Brigade (Brigadier General James H. Lane)
--- (Colonel Clark M. Avery)
--- (Brigadier General James H. Lane)
--- (Colonel Clark M. Avery)
7th North Carolina (Captain J. Mcleod Turner)
--- (Captain James G. Harris)
18th North Carolina (Colonel John D. Barry)
28th North Carolina (Colonel Samuel D. Lowe)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel William H. A. Speer)
33rd North Carolina (Colonel Clark M. Avery)
37th North Carolina (Colonel William M. Barbour)

3rd Brigade (Brigadier General Edward L. Thomas)
14th Georgia (Colonel Robert W. Folsom)
35th Georgia (Colonel Bolling H. Holt)
45th Georgia (Colonel Thomas J. Simmons)
49th Georgia (Colonel Samuel T. Player)

4th Brigade (Brigadier General Alfred M. Scales)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel George T. Gordon)
--- (Colonel W. Lee J. Lowrance)
13th North Carolina (Colonel Joseph H. Hyman)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel Henry A. Rogers)
16th North Carolina (Captain Leroy W. Stowe)
22nd North Carolina (Colonel James Conner)
34th North Carolina (Colonel W. Lee J. Lowrance)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel G.eorge T. Gordon)
38th North Carolina (Colonel William J. Hoke)
--- (Lieutenant Colonel John Ashford)

Artillery (Major William T. Poague)
Albemarle Artillery (Virginia) (Captain James W. Wyatt)
Charlotte Artillery (North Carolina) (Captain Joseph Graham)
Madison Light Artillery (Mississippi) (Captain George Ward)
Warrington Artillery Battery (Virginia) (Captain James V. Brooke)

Artillery Reserve (Colonel R. Lindsay Walker)

McIntosh's Battalion (Major David G. McIntosh)
Danville Artillery (Virginia) (Captain R. Sidney Rice)
Hardaway Artillery (Alabama) (Captain William B. Hurt)
2nd Rockbridge Artillery (Virginia) (Lieutenant Samuel Wallace)
Richmond Artillery Battery (Virginia) (Captain Marmaduke Johnson)

Pegram's Battalion (Major William J. Pegram)
--- (Captain Ervin B. Brunson)
Crenshaw Artillery Battery (Virginia) (Captain William G. Crenshaw)
Fredericksburg Artillery (Virginia) (Captain Edward A. Marye)
Letcher Artillery (Virginia) (Captain Thomas A. Brander)
Pee Dee Artillery (South Carolina) (Lieutenant William E. Zimmerman)
Purcell Artillery (Virginia) (Captain Joseph McGraw)


Stuart's Division (Major General James E. B. Stuart)

Hampton's Brigade (Brigadier General Wade Hampton)
--- (Colonel Laurence S. Baker)
1st North Carolina (Colonel Laurence S. Baker)
1st South Carolina (Colonel John L. Black)
2nd South Carolina (Colonel Matthew C. Butler)
Cobb's Legion (Georgia) (Colonel Pierce B. M. Young)
Jeff Davis Legion (Mississippi) (Colonel Joseph F. Waring)
Phillips' Legion (Georgia) (Lieutenant Colonel Jefferson C. Phillips)

Fitz Lee's Brigade (Brigadier General Fitzhugh Lee)
1st Maryland Battalion (Major Harry Gilmore)
--- (Major Ridgely Brown)
1st Virginia (Colonel James H. Drake)
2nd Virginia (Colonel Thomas T. Munford)
3rd Virginia (Colonel Thomas H. Owen)
4th Virginia (Colonel William Carter Wickham)
5th Virginia (Colonel Thomas L. Rosser)

Robertson's Brigade (Brigadier General Beverly H. Robertson)
4th North Carolina (Colonel Dennis D. Ferebee)
5th North Carolina (Colonel Peter G. Evans)

Jenkins' Brigade (Brigadier General Albert G. Jenkins)
--- (Colonel Milton J. Ferguson)
14th Virginia (Major Benjamin F. Eakle)
16th Virginia (Colonel Milton J. Ferguson)
17th Virginia (Colonel William H. French)
34th Virginia Battalion (Lieutenant Colonel Vincent A. Witcher)
36th Virginia Battalion (Captain Cornelius T. Smith)
Jackson's Artillery Battery (Virginia) (Captain Thomas E. Jackson)

Jones's Brigade (Brigadier General William E. Jones)
6th Virginia (Major Cabel E. Flourney)
7th Virginia (Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Marshall)
11th Virginia (Colonel Lunsford L. Lomax)

W. H. F. Lee's Brigade (Colonel John R. Chambliss, Jr.)
2nd North Carolina (Colonel Solomon Williams)
9th Virginia (Colonel Richard L. T. Beale)
10th Virginia (Colonel J. Lucius Davis)
13th Virginia (Captain Benjamin F. Winfield)

Stuart Horse Artillery (Major Robert F. Beckham)
Breathed's Artillery Battery (Virginia) (Captain James Breathed)
Chew's Artillery Battery (Virginia) (Captain R. Preston Chew)
Griffin's Artillery Battery (Maryland) (Captain William H. Griffin)
Hart's Artillery Battery (South Carolina) (Captain James F. Hart)
McGregor's Artillery Battery (Virginia) (Captain William M. McGregor)
Moorman's Artillery Battery (Virginia) (Captain Marcellus M. Moorman)

Imboden's Command (Brigadier General John D. Imboden)
18th Virginia (Colonel George W. Imboden)
62nd Virginia Infantry, Mounted (Colonel George H. Smith)
Virginia Partisan Rangers (Captain John H. McNeill)
Staunton Artillery Battery (Virginia) (Captain John H. McClanahan)


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