1st Regiment of State Troops
Junior Reserves
Company F
Abbeville District

Thomas, ??, Captain

NonCommissioned Officers

Delaney, W. M., admitted to Wayside (1st Louisana) Confederate Hospital, Charleston on 20 Dec 1864 for Dysentery. He was sent off on December 21, General Hospital No. 1, Summerville, where he died 1 Jan 1864.

Dunlap, Wesley, died 17 Feb Oct 1865, buried at Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston

Gilmer, Robert, admitted to Wayside (1st Louisana) Confederate Hospital, Charleston, where he died 6 Jan 1865

Taylor, George Washington. He was born 28 Nov 1845 in S. C. (Some sources say 28 March 845) and enlisted October 1864 and served until the end of the war. He moved to Carroll County, Ms after The War and married Amazon Williams on 6 April 1876. He died there 30 June 1931.

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