1st Regiment of State Troops
Junior Reserves

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Wed., 28 December 1864.
1st Regiment, S.C.M.


This Regiment, now stationed at Tullafinny Trestle, near Hardeeville, has been organized by the election of the following gentlemen:
Jas. B. Griffin, Colonel
B. Z. Herndon, Lieutenant Colonel
S. P. Dike, Major.

Wed., 19 April 1865.
1st Regt. S.C. State Troops.

This efficient Regiment of the first class State Militia, under command of Col. J. B. Griffin, has been disbanded. The other Regiments of the first class militia have been disbanded, and the boys only are to be continued in service. The older members of these Regiments, are very properly to remain at home, but could not these men be withdrawn without materially affecting the existing organizations? If so it could save no little annoyance to the younger members of the different Regiments, whilst, in many instances, it would be a pleasure to take them to serve under their present officers.
We have been pleased to see in our midst for the last week or so, Col. Griffin, and many of his fine looking and merry boys. They have had a hard and rough time journeying from the coast below Charleston to middle North Carolina, but being hard as lightwood knots, they have returned home again unscathed.

Edgefield Advertiser
Edgefield, South Carolina

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