Second (2nd) Regiment
South Carolina State Troops
Junior Reserves (State Militia)

Commanding Officers
Duncan, W. H., Lieutenant Colonel

Rice, David H., Major, orginally a Captain in Company G

Trotte, S. W., Adjutant

Duncan, S. C., QuarterMaster

Rice, W. B., Surgeon

Wheeler, H. B., Assistant Surgeon

Buist, Arthur, Sergeant Major

Crossland, J. C., QuarterMaster Sergeant

Smiley, ??, Ordnance Sergeant

Dowling, E. J., Hospital Steward

Boddie, D. A.. Chaplain

Field Assignments
  Chestnut's Brigade (Dec 1864 thru January 1865)
  Wright's Divison, Robertson's Brigade (January thru February 1865)

Company A - Captain William G. Muller, MD - Richalnd and Lexington District

Company B - Captain - District

Company C - Captain William J. Davis - Marion District

Company D - Captain John R. Spearman - Newberry County

Company E - Captain - District

Company F - Captain - District

Company G - Captain Josiah Howell - Lexington District

Company K - Captain Tom Hunt - Greenville District

Company L - Captain - Marion District

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