4th Regiment of State Troops
Junior Reserves
Company K
York District

Hunter Dr., John Blair, Captain, born 15 Sep 1831, died 20 Feb 1889, resided Bethel TP, and is buried in Bethel Presbyterian Church Great GrandDaughter Martha L McKnight Kienast

Hutchinson, Adolphus Eugene, Adjutant, born 10 Mar 1826, died 20 June 1906, resided Catawba TWP

Fewell, John William, 2nd Lieutenant, norn abount 1830. farner in Bethel TWP married Elizabeth Ann ( Kate )

Bowen, Bishop Russell Taylor, 3rd Lieutenant, born 12 Aug 1848, died 30 May 1927

NonCommissioned Officers

Anderson, William Jasper, born 16 Mar 1848, died 22 Feb 1929, resided Bethel TWP

Barnett, James William, born 5 Aug 1848, died 20 Apr 1920, resided Bethel TWP, married Emily A., died about 1920

Carson, James D, resided Bethel TWP

Drennan, J H, resided Catawba TWP

Duff, John Glenn H, born about 1848, resided Bethel TWP

Fewell, John William, born 2 Dec 1847, died 24 Mar 1895, resided Catawba TWP

Glenn, Newton D, born 6 Aug 1848, died 20 Mar 1930, resided Bethel TWP

Harris, John Robert, born about 1848, farmer in Fort Mill, married Alice Irene

Haynes, Andrew C.

Jackson, Peter, resided Bethel TWP

Johnson, John William, born about 1849, resided Bethel TWP

Mason, L. M., resided Bethel TWP and died of disease in Charlotte

McCall, Ruben Nelson, born 18 Jan 1848 (or 1842 ), York County, resided Bethel TWP, died 6 Sep 1918, York County, buried Clover City Cemetery, York County

Norton, Adolphos, resided Bethel TWP and died of Disease in Georgia

Owens, Manlius Loreign, born 1847, died 25 Jan 1878, resided Catawba TWP

Owens, Rufus D.

Patrick, John McFadden, born 23 Feb 1818, died 13 Aug 1884, resided Bethel TWP

Patton, John, resided Catawba TWP

Poovey, Robert, born about 1848, resided Bethel TWP

Steele, John Newton, born 2 May 1848, resided Rock Hill, died 23 Mar 1902, buried Laurelwood Cemetery Rock Hill

Stone, H. D., resided Bethel TWP

Waters, John J., born 4 June 1848, died 30 May 1911, resided Catawba TWP

Williams, John Joseph, married Sara Leha

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