Boyce Guards
Local Defense

Shedd, J. N., Captain
Phinney, J. M., 1st Lieutenant
M'Cants, T. M., 2nd Lieutenant
Cureton, J. D., 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Sloan, J. W., 1st Sergeant
Ketchin, J. C., 2nd Sergeant
Rabb, J. W., 3rd Sergeant
Nelson, F. C., 4th Sergeant
Bookhart, L. M., 1st Corporal
Milling, W. A., 2nd Corporal
Gilbert, W. B., 3rd Corporal
Camak, S. Y., 4th Corporal

Aiken, R. S.
Arledge, M.
Armstrong, W. A.
Austin, J. W.
Bankhead, Robt.
Barker, Thos.
Bird, P.
Boney, Arthur
Boney, J. S.
Brice, J. M.
Brice, W. M.
Brown, A. S.
Brown, J. G.
Brown, J. T.
Brown, P.
Campbell, D. W.
Cassady, Jas.
Chandler, J. W.
Cohen, Morris, Transferred, Subject to orders, rejoin the Company at any time
Cook, S. H., Discharged
Cotton, Z. A., service related death
Crawford, W. J.
Curry, W. P., Transferred, Subject to orders, rejoined the Company at any time
Douglass, A. C.
Durant, T.
Elliott, J. B.
Elliott, J. M.
Ellison, R. E.
Ellison, W. A.
Fenley, J. W., Discharged
Ford, W. N.
Frazier, D. V.
Gladney, H. Y.
Gladney, R. J.
Glass, J. H.
Glenn, H. A.
Gunnell, W.
Haigood, G. M.
Haigood, J. A.
Hogan, Jasper
Jackson, W. F.
Jamison, G.
Jamison, W. H.
Jenkins, J. B.
Jordan, J. W.
Ketchin, W. W.
Ladd, A. W., Transferred, Subject to orders, rejoin the Company at any time
Ladd, G. D.
Leitner, C. E.
Lewis, J. A.
Martin, J. E., Discharged
Martin, R. F.
Matthews, J. K.
McCarley, H.
McCarley, S.
McCreight, J. T.
McCreight, J. W.
McCully, Wm.
McKinstry, W. D.
Melton, W. M.
Mickler, Wm., service related death
Miller, D. A.
Miller, L.
Miller, W.
Milling, J. R.
Nelson, W. H.
Nelson, W. M.
Newman, S. P.
Powell, J.
Powell, P. N.
Propst, H. E.
Richardson, J. J.
Robertson, D. H.
Robinson, C. T.
Robinson, J. B.
Robinson, J. S., service related death
Robinson, Y. H.
Rutland, C. S.
Shurley, C. P.
Sloan, R. B., Discharged
Smith, J. H.
Smith, R. A.
Snaw, J. H.
Stevenson, Jas.
Stevenson, S.
Stevenson, W.
Street, R. J.
Summerell, J. N.
Timms, David
Tinkler, J. C.
Tinkler, R. A.
Williams, W. H.
Williamson, T. T.
Wooten, J. D.
Wooten, W.
Young, A. M.

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