Dotterer's Company
Charleston County

Dotterer, Thomas D., Captain
Lamble, Joseph, 1st Lieutenant
Hancock, Thomas, 2nd Lieutenant
Johnson, Uriah R., Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers

Adams, Thomas
Beaufort, Charles J.
Bolger, M.
Burke, O.
Cleary, D.
Cleary, John I.
Cleary, Maurice
Corney, William
Doran, A.
Dunneman, C.
Eason, E. H.
Foley, J.
Forx, William
Gleason, John
Golden, Joseph
Gorman, P.
Hancock, John
Happoldt, W. H.
Jacob, Wilhelm
Keeley, E.
Keels, T.
Kelly, George
Kennedy, D.
Kenney, A. E.
Lafan, John
Lapage, R.
Lindsay, William
Lyon, Thomas
Lyons, Dennis
Maffit, A.
Maull, D. D.
Mc Intosh, W. R.
Mc Kenney, Andrew
Mc Kenzie, Archibald
Mc Laughlin, Patrick
Murphy, Patrick
Nicholson, John
O'Donnell, Martin
Pendergrast, William
Pooser, A. G.
Prunty, Patrick
Riley, Charles
Rouke, John F.
Ryan, William
Shokes, G. C.
Sigwald, W. H.
Tandy, George,
Teasdale, R.
Winningham, R. H.
Witsel, Lewis

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