Charleston Arsenal Guard
AKA 4th Sergeants Arsenal Guard
Estill's Company

Estill, Alexander Denham, Captain, son of William Estill and Ann Eliza Pickering LLoyd, was born 17 Jun 1836, Charleston, SC. In addition to this service, he served as Assistant Superintendent of State Gunboat Construction at Charleston, and a Paymaster's Clerk, Confederate States Navy on 29 December 1863. He married his second spouse, Iphigenia Laura Curtis, August 12, 1868 in Charleston, SC. They had four children, but only two lived to maturity. A.D. Estill and family moved from Charleston to Oak Grove, SC by September 1875, probably for reason of his health. He died 11 Dec 1876 in Aiken, proably of TB, and is buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston. Contact: Great Grandson

Cameron, Duncan, 1st Lieutenant

Morris, Thomas, 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Mc Kinlay John, Sergeant

Moran, Edward, Sergeant

Branford, C. L. ( G. ), Corporal

Estill, Henry Pickering, Corporal, brother of Captain and probaly same person as Betsill, Hemy, Private. He was born 23 Sep 1844, Charleston and died 1870, Brazil.

Bain, William

Betsill, Hemy

Betty, Richard

Blanchard, T. Stancslaus

Bryson, James

Burrel, W. M. ( W. H. )

Cammer, William H.

Carey, Stephen

Deny, Thomas

Icard, George Marion, born 15 Sept 1838. He was medically discharged after recovering from his wound at the 1st Battle of Manassas on 21 June 1861 and died 15 Aug 1890 and is buried at Laurel Grove Cemetery, Savannah, GA.

James, John F.

Jones, William B.

Leonard, John

Lesley, James

Liddy, John

Logan, Matthew ( Martin )

Lynch, Michael

Maguire, John

Mansfield, Jery ( Gerry )

Mariarty, Gery

May, John

Mazyck, William

Mc Dermid, Duncan

Mc Donald, Hugh J.

Miller, J. W.

Mitchell, John D.

Moloney ( Molony ), Thomas J.

Moran, Charles

Moran, William

Moriarty, Jerry

Moroney, William

Murphy, Jerry

Myers, Alexander

Reidell, August

Reilly, John

Reilly, William

Roan, Michael M.

Rosis, Joseph

Rush ( Rusch ), Charles

Ryan, Patrick

Sahlman, Bernard

Shaffer, Charles P.

Shannahan, David

Skipper, T.

Smith, Pat

Speisseger, Albert T.

Stapleton, Craw F.

Stevenson, G. W.

Varner ( Varnes ), Wade S.

Venzen, H.

This company formed about 28 February 1862 of workman in the Confederate States Arsenal for the defense of the Arsenal and City of Charleston, SC, for the term of 12 months. Brigadier General Riley commanded this military district on 21 February 1862 and 11 July 1863.
An official letter to Brigadier General Ripley, Cmdg, 1st Military District, on 11 July, 1863 makes reference to a conversation Captain Estill had with General Jordan that afternoon on gunboat construction. The letterhead stated the letter was from the "Office State Boat 11 Exchange Street"; although he served as Assistant Superintendent of State Gunboat Construction at Charleston, SC, his signature block on this letter was "A.D. Estill, Captain PCSA Cmdg Arsenal Guard". James M. Eason was Sup State Gunboat Construction in April and June 1863. [The CSS Chikcora was built under contract in 1862 by James M. Eason to J. L. Porter's plans and cost about $300,000. She was destroyed by the Confederates when Charleston was evacuated on 18 February 1865.]
On 11 July 1863, Captain Estill signed a document as Commander, Arsenal Guard, and on 29 December 1863, he was shown as a Paymaster's Clerk, Confederate States Navy.

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