Shiver's Company
Richland County
6 Nov 1861 to 6 Mar 1862

Shiver, William, Captain
Beard, John, 1st Lieutenant
Kinard, M. L., 2nd Lieutenant
Walter, W., 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Hill, Alonzo, Drummer

Addison, H. T.
Amick, James A.
Beard, Henry C.
Beckham, W. M.
Blizzard, W.
Bollinger Sr., W.
Bollinger Jr., W.
Braziel, Joseph
Braziel, W.
Brown, John E.
Busby, Wade C.
Carter, Joseph
Cathcart, W. J.
Collins, W. H.
Cooper, Ford
Cooper, W. F.
Craft, Moses
Crane, G. T.
Dent, W. G. W.
Dunning, W.
Ellis, William
Ellisor, James A.
Evans, Hilliard
Fahy, Pat
Flynn, Pat
Gibson, James B.
Gibson, James D.
Hausinger, Frank
Higgins, J. J.
Hill, John
Hood, J.
Horton, Samuel D.
Hutchison, S.
Jones, Wylie
Lucus, Jacob L.
Lucus, Thomas H.
Mattox, James
Moke, Moses
Moody, John A.
Neely, R. L.
Taylor, C. G.
Tennant, Moses
Tollison, Levi
Wages, Trezevant
Warren, J. M.
Webb, Newell
Wilder, B. J.
Windham, W. K.
Young, Samuel
Young, William

Shiver's Company was mustered in at Columbia on 6 Nov 1861. Per Special Order No. 52, A&IGO, 6 Mar 1862, "XI. Capt. Shiver's Co. enlisted for the purpose of guarding prisoners at Columbia, S.C., is hereby discharged from the service of the C.S. and will be forthwith mustered out of service." These undoubredly are those POWs sent from Richmond to Columbia and were housed in the Richland County Jail.

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