Columbia Provost Guards
Captain Hamilton's Company
Richland and Lexington Couties

Commanding Officers
Hamilton Jr,, Daniel Heyward, Captain, served in 1st (Gregg's) Infantry. Son of Colonel D. H. Hamilton of the 1st (Gregg's) SC Infantry, he served as regimental adjutant until disabled by a wound received at Sheperdstown, WV, in 1862.

Hamilton, James R., 1st Lieutenant, served in 1st (Gregg's) Infantry, as a sergeant in Company C, He was detailed to provost guard duty in Columbia in May 1864, was subsequently elected to 1st Lieutenant there, and officially transferred to provost guard service sometime between Aug and Oct 1864.

Mouzon, H. J., 2nd Lieutenant, joined as Sergeant

NonCommission Officers
Green, W. B., 1st Sergeant, served in 2nd Cavalry

Brown, J. G., Sergeant

Castles, W. L., Sergeant

Chambers, W. M., Sergeant

Du Bose, T. D., Sergeant

Lipsey, R. M. ( R. W. ), Sergeant, joined as Corporal

Severance ( Saverance ), R. M., Sergeant, joined as Private

Villard, Thomas D., Sergeant, served in 6th Cavalry

Carson, J. C, Corporal, joined as Private

Dagnall, M. , Corporal

Martin, A. H., Corporal, joined as Private

McDaniel ( McDonald ), H. C., Corporal, joined as Private

Minter, J. R., Corporal

Alley, J. A., Served in 27th Infantry

Arrants, W.

Bailey, L. W.

Barksdale, Allan S.

Barnett, B. T.

Barnett, E. P. ( B. J. )

Bechtler ( Beckler ), C. H. ( G. W. ) ( G. C. ), joined as Corporal

Bittie, Irvin

Boatwright, G. W.

Bonner, W. T.

Bowlen, T. M.

Boyle, M. L.

Boyle, Patrick, Richland County, POW at Hart's Island, April - July, 1865

Branch, A. T. ( F. A. )

Brown, W. L.

Brunson, E. J.

Bryant, M. D., joined as Corporal

Burnett ( Bernett ), J. P. ( J. W. )

Cade, J. J. ( F. M. )

Campbell, Revi ( L. ), served in 3rd Infantry

Carter, L. C.

Castleman, J.

Cheek, J. M.

Clark, J. A.

Clarke, J. M.

Cloud, T. E. ( H. E. )

Cole, W. P., served in 7th Cavalry

Crawford ( Cranford ), R.

Cross, A.

Davis, D R.

Davis, G. W.

Davis, J. M.

Davis, L. A. served in 6th Cavalry

Drummond, H. E.

Duane, T.

Duncan, B. F.

Edwards, A. E.

Epting, J.

Evans, J. H.

Ferrel, W.

Ferrell, J. R.

Fleming, J.

Fleming, J. J.

Flowers, H. D.

Foster, J. H.

Foster, N.

Gaston, W. R. ( W. B. ), joined as Corporal

Gillespie, J. T.

Goodman, O. D.

Green, W. F.

Gregg, Robert E.

Hambright, L.

Hamilton, A.

Hammond, W.

Hanley, W.

Harman, William M.

Harris, W. M. ( M. N. )

Hedgepath, J.

Herbert ( Hurbert ), Felix H.

Hewett, A.

Hogan, R. N. ( W. M. ) ( W. N. )

Hook, ??

Hoytt ( Hewett ), A.

Hubbard, F. H.

Hughes, R. M. ( R. N. )

Ingraham, L.

Jeffords, R. P.

Johnson, T. P. ( P. P. )

Keesler, Nathan ( W. ), served in 22nd Infantry

Keller, J. F.

Kelly, G. C.

Kelly, N.

Kendrick, J. J.

Kerby, A. J.

King, S.

King, W.

Kirby, A. J.

Koon ( Coon ), George

Koon, J. D.

Krause, John A.

Lackey, G. W.

Lamb, J.

Lever, T. D.

Madden, J. H.

Manning, J. M.

McDaniel, E.

McFadden, T. L.

McKenzie, W. I. ( W. P. )

McKinzie, W. P.

McMahon, W. M.

McRae, J. H.

Milster, M. C.

Montgomery, B.

Moody, E. R.

Moore, J. J.

Moore, W. C.

Mordecai, I. D.

Morgan, D.

Morgan, R. P.

Mosely ( Mosley ), J. L.

Newby, Thomas

Nunnery, R.

Padgett, ??

Patterson, J. W.

Patterson, W. J.

Paulding, E. R.

Payne ( Paine ), J. R.

Payne, J. R.

Posten, R. C.

Priston ( Priester ), J. C.

Quick, A.

Quick, C. N. ( E. M. )

Reese, E. M.

Rhodes, J. W.

Riley (Reilly ) ( Rieiley ), Alix

Roach, W.

Roberts, J.

Rollins, N. C.

Scarborough, J. J.

Shumaker, A.

Sistrunk, S. O.

Sloan, W.

Small, J. M.

Smith, J. L.

Staley, H. N.

Stewart, R.

Stokes, J. B.

Stone, T.

Stone, William J., served in 4th Cavalry

Talbert, J.

Thomas, N. J. ( W. J. )

Thompson, J. L.

Wall, L. J.

Way, L. A.

Way, W.

Webster, ??

Whitaker, J. M.

Wideman, F.

Wilson, George W., served in 6th Infantry

Winningham, J.

Wirts ( Werts ), Jacob

Wofford, J.

Note: This unit was organized for local defense at Columbia on 18 December 1863, under authority of the War Department. It was paroled at Chester, SC, on 5 May 1865. The company was raised during Oct-Dec 1863, from conscripts declared unfit for field service at the camp of instruction in Columbia.
Later, men from other commands who were declared unfit for field service by the Medical Examining Board were also transferred to the company. These men were either too old for field service or had been rendered diabled by prior service.
The Provost Guard was the military police, chasing deserters amd escaped POWs, along with assisting in keeping civil order. This unit may have fallen under the commpand of Captain Senn.

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