Sixteenth (16th) Regiment
South Carolina Militia
Charleston District
4th Brigade, 2nd Division

commanding Officer
  De Pass, Samuel Capers, Lieutenant colonel

Field Staff
  Magrath, Edward, colonel
  Young, Robert A., colonel
  Stevens, Clement H., colonel
  Davis, Zimmerman, Lieutenant colonel
  Whaley, William, Lieutenant colonel
  Bowie, John A., Adjutant, Major
  Wardlaw, W. A., Major
  Ronan, F. Marion, 1st Lieutenant & Adjutant
  Cunningham, J., Lieutenant
  Kingman, Robert H., 1st Lieutenant and Quartermaster
  Pringle, W. Alston, Lieutenant
  Ravenel, St. Julien, Surgeon
  Addison, James R., QuarterMaster Sergeant
  Kingman, R. H., Assistant QuarterMaster
  King, J.

company A

company B

company D

company E

company F

Beat co. No. 1 - Captain Fred W. Eason

Beat co. No. 2 - Captain M. Triest

Beat co. No. 3 - Captain S. A. Robinson

Beat co. No. 4 - Captain J. Bancroft Jr.

Beat co. No. 5 - Captain Edward C. Prendergast

Beat co. No. 6 - Captain J. H. Steinmeyer, Jr.

Beat co. No. 7 - Captain E. P. Lawrence

Beat co. No. 8 - Captain C. W. Stiles

Jackson Guards - Captain William H. Jones

Magrath Guard - Lieutenant Charles Farrelly

Marion Rifles - Captain C. B. Sigwald

These Reserve companies were comprised of boys aged 16-18 and men aged 45-60.

Reserve co. No. 1 (Hibernian Guards) - Captain Thomas Ryan

Reserve co. No. 2 (Home Guards) - Captain George S. Hacker

Reserve co. No. 3 (Charleston Guards) - Captain James H. Taylor

Reserve co. No. 4 - Captain F. M. Robertson

Reserve co. No. 5 - Captain Henry D. Lesesne

Reserve co. No. 6 (Palmetto Reserve Guard) - Captain T. W. Holwell

Reserve co. No. 7 - Captain John E. Bowers

Reserve co. No. 8 - Captain John Doughety

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