Sixteenth (16th) Regiment
South Carolina Militia
Beat Company No. 1
Charleston District

Eason, Frederick W., Captain
Stoll, George McD., Captain)
Steele, John H., 1st Lieutenant
Parker, N. D., 2nd Lieutenant
De Leon, H. H., 3rd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Sherhannner, N., 1st Sergeant
Browning, C. H., Sergeant
Hughes, W. N., Sergeant
Nunen, J. W., Sergeant
Clarke, Benjamin, Corporal
Gregory, F. M., Corporal
Schnibbe, C., Corporal
White, P., Corporal
??, Israel, Colored Cook
??, William, Colored Cook

Bates, Edmund
Blake, Charles
Blythe, George
Brimer, C. F. D.
Chamberlain, A.
Cuthbert, William
Derbyshire, James
Doyle, James
Eadon, Henry
Elliott, Thomas
Ferguson, D.
Gravell, George
Graves, H.
Hannon, Pat
Hart, Godfrey
Hearthome, John
Heller, W. H.
Hyars, John
Jenkins, J.
Lervith, ??
Lovett, William
Madden, James
McCaffrey, Joseph
McCord, John
Meier, D.
Mulvany, Charles
Nagel, A.
O'Neil, H.
Pickover, William M.
Piersawl, Lewis
Ralford, Charles
Retart, H.
Slattery, James
Sngth, T. D.
Steward, W. J. H.
Thompson, Thomas
Vocelle, A.
Willins, James

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