Sixteenth (16th) Regiment
South Carolina Militia
Beat Company No. 6
Charleston District

Steinmeyer Jr., J. H., Captain
Fergas ( Feugas ), H.V., 1st Lieutenant
Thomas, William Thomas, 2nd Lieutenant
Schirmer, F. M., Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant (Third Lieutenant)

NonCommissioned Officers
Choate, Thomas, 1st Sergeant
Ferrell, T., Sergeant
Halbustadt, L., Sergeant
Jackson, James, Sergeant
Umforg, C., Sergeant
Gunn, John, Corporal
Edmond, William, Music.
??, Isaac, Music.

??, David
??, Israel
Bench, W. J.
Brill, ??
De Large, Robert
Dohrman, C.
Ehricks, ??
Flaum, J.
Friendly, A.
Given, ??
Harris, ??
Hobbs, H. L.
Hunt, J. D.
Jackson, Thomas
Kennedy, J.
Nathaus, J. N.
Peirrin, ??
Porter, N.M.
Riechsrath, L.
Sampson, So.
Scott, R.
Sherrott, ??
Silkin, ??
Silverburg, ??
Somonick, ??
Sontag, ??
Stemmerman, C.
Taylor, ??
Thauss, F. W.
Wallace, ??
Wickaib, ??
Witsell, ??
Wrede, H.

This beat encompassed that portion of Ward No. 4 north of Wentworth Street, between Meeting Street and the Ashley River.

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