Seventeenth (17th) Regiment
South Carolina Militia

commanding Officer
  De Treville, R., colonel

Field Staff
  Gaillard, P. C., Lieutenant colonel
  Harleston, John M., Major
  Mitchell, Francis A., Adjutant
  Winkler, E. T., Chaplin
  Lining, A. P., Judge Advocate
  Howard, Joseph L., comsy.
  Prioleau, J. Word, Surgeon
  Bancroft Jr., James, QuarterMaster
  De Treville, E. W., Sergeant Major
  Jacobs, F., color Sergeant
  Macbeth, E. W., comsy. Sergeant
  Fitch, Aug., Assistant Surgeon
  Toomer, E. P., QuarterMaster Sergeant
  Walton, J. M., Sergeant

company E - Captain - counties

company E - Captain George L. Buist - counties

company E - Captain William S. Elliott - counties

company E - Captain E. D. Rogers - counties

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