Eigthteenth (18th) Regiment
South Carolina Militia

Commanding Officer
  Carew, John E, Colonel

Field Staff - Officers
  Browning, A F, Lieutenant Colonel
  Shuler, Alfred, Major

Field Staff
  Carrington, Charles, Sergeant Major
  Richardson, F D, Ordinance Sergeant
  Perry, James, QuarterMaster Sergeant
  Foster, Charles, Regimental QuarterMaster
  Gantt, James L, Regimental QuarterMaster

  ??, Andrew, Musician
  ??, Oliver, Musician
  ??, Thomas, Musician

Company A - Captain - District

Company B - Captain - District

Company C - Captain - District

Company D - Captain John A Varn - District

Company E - Captain Thomas Limehouse - District

Company F - Captain John W Hutto - District

Company Unknown - Captain - District

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