Eighthteenth (18th) Regiment
South Carolina Militia
Company E

Limehouse, Thomas, Captain
Stall, William J, 1st Lieutenant
Steele, Walter, 2nd Lieutenant
Hull, Sam J, Bvt 2nd Lieutenant

NonCommissioned Officers
Stopplebbelm, L E, 1st Sergeant
Browning, Thomas, Sergeant
Hughes, Thomas W, Sergeant
Hughes, W N, Sergeant
Marvin, W D, Sergeant
Boyle, Charles, Corporal
Carrington, W, Corporal
Davis, O B, Corporal
Perry, Jennings, Corporal

Anderson, A C
Bailey, C
Bee, Joseph
Brown, J T
Browning, A
Browning, J T
Brunson, J
Bunch, William
Burns, J D
Butts, R F
Clayton, John
Conner, J O A
Corbin, E A
Davis, J C
Dewing, H
Dreggeres ( Driggers ), J C
Ford, George
Gaunt, T J
Gray, John F
Green, A J
Green, J A
Green, J Wash
Hadwin, A J
Hay, C G
Hinson ( Hinton ), James
Hinson ( Hinton ), Robert
Hughes, J P
Hughes, O E
Humbert, J M
Hutson, J
Kinsley, P E
Knights, Ellis
Knights, R
Lawton, J M
Limehouse, R
Mercker, E
Miller, Edward
Mitchell, R W
Moore, P H
Neill, William
Nettles, A
Nettles, J S
Pendarvis, D
Perry, J Isaac
Robinson, R
Sifley, John
Sillivant, R S
Sims, W L
Smith, A G
Stall, S A
Stanley, A P
Stroble, J R
Sweat, R
Taylor, A W
Traxler ( Trexler ), William
Tucker, Joseph
Vose, C
Wiggins, William
Wilson, J R
Young, R A

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